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October 14 2002

(SPOILER) A site the writers think you should see before watching BtVS S7x04 "Help" tomorrow...

As plugged by Jane Espenson, Drew Goddard and Rebecca Kirshner at the BronzeBeta today.

"Cassie" is a character in the episode.

this is so... donnie darko. or AI. i feel like i should be searching for something more in this site.

it's interesting that the buffy producers are doing this... it's a great concept. letting the audience into the show!
wow thats great that they've done that. It reminds me of the websites done for Blair Witch Project and Minority Report. There is a webpage done for Smallville, I think its a student newspaper online.
It IS almost Hallowe'en....
Woah. Very nicely and tastefully done. It's obvious the people who put this together are familiar with the 'homepagey' style that exists on the Web, yet they went a step further than the usual personal narrative young person, without disrespecting the genre. It is art respectful of its audience, and its medium. I hope they keep it up awhile, even though...

Well.. that would be telling. =)
Check the whois record for the domain.
Someone call the phonenumber or email address: 666-442-8363 or Maybe Cassie is there.
hmmm---too bad they used geocities, too many hits and the site gets shut down for an hour. So much for free websites. :(
Take a look at the keywords. Isn't it strange that Cassie knows she's in a tv-series? ;-)
Some more investigation...
You can access the open /newcassie/graphics/ directory for a listing of all the image files. Viewing the binary source of some of the jpegs reveals they were saved with Adobe Photoshop 7.0 at around midnight, september 16th.
well yeah, wonder when they filmed "Help"??? Then they decided to add a web-site tie-in for all the BuffyGeeks (myself included).
The site is being Metafiltered as we speak.
Check out Zap2it's coverage. Some might find it slightly spoilery.

And I guess "Sharp-eyed viewers who saw Buffy typing in the Web address rushed to their computers after the show and gave it a try" sounds cooler than "the writers came out and plugged the website before anyone could find it on their own".

The article confirms the artwork and the poetry was done by Rebecca Rand Kirshner, the author episode's author.

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