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April 27 2015

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Buffy Season 10 #15. The issue is out May 20th.

I'm confused... weren't all vampires created by Maloker? Now a different old one is responsible for the creation of the Master's line... how does that work...?
Same thing is happening on the other boards @devero. On Twitter Christos pointed out at one point vampires also became Turok Han so their is "wiggle room". Mythology consistency/clarity has never been a strong part of the Buffyverse. *shrugs*
Its explained in: "On the origin of (vampire) species by means of natural (and magical) selection."
The first vampire was created by Maloker, but that doesn't mean all of them were descended from that same vampire.

But my pet theory (probably wrong) is that Archaeus was, in fact, the first vampire.. the one sired by Maloker. The older a vampire is in the Buffyverse, the more powerful and the more inhuman it becomes (see: The Master, Kakistos).

Archaeus could be the First Vampire like Sineya is the first Slayer, which is why he can get into vampires' minds like Sineya can get into Slayers' minds.

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But Gage has explained it saying that some vampires take their demon essence from their sire (as is the case in the Archaeus line) and some don't but get a random demon essence, the traditional way. The evolution Dusk mentions is supposed to allow for these variations in different bloodlines. Which would imply he is saying evolution allows for Archaeus which obviously separates him from Maloker somewhat.

My issue is that I can't see why those vamps who pass on their own demon essence couldn't have sired vampires instead of zompires when the seed was broken. Christos said that they still have to 'gain' the demon essence from hell using the sire as a pathway, or some such, but that would mean that their demon essence isn't intrinsically part of them and it starts to fall apart then I think. So yeah, the mythology consistency seems wonky here. We'll have to see if it all clicks as it pans out or just accept the good old fashioned handwave.

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