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April 27 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron might be the finest realization of the Marvel Universe on screen. PopMatters says Joss "creates both a fully-immersive experience for fans, and an artistic comment on the experience of fandom in a world of mass medium popculture".

I get the concept of the article, (potentially, at least - haven't seen the movie yet,) but "No one alive today remembers..." is a bit of a stretch when you're talking about 80 years ago, and entirely silly when you're talking about the 60's.
There is no spoiler tag. Is this truly spoiler free?
That was indeed a bit of an unusual article. But I liked what it said about Age of Ultron. I went to see it again today, and I was thinking much of the same thing. It is perhaps truly the best representation of the Marvel Universe coming alive on screen as there's ever been.
Heck even some of the Italian Sovokia scenes feel like Latveria in the comics. (That alas the Marvel Universe can't touch due to Fox's FF rights..) And that shot of Ultron in the church throne style chair had a very Doctor Doom like framing to it. (And also a canny nod to Ultron's first cloaked appearance.)

I've also got to say that I love that Joss made sure to keep the great Alan Silvestri Avengers theme for this movie. (Came out of the film still humming it.) I love that the Marvel Universe finally has an inspiring theme to it on the level of what DC has had in the past with Superman and Batman movies. And so I hope that his successors keep it for the remaining films..

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