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April 28 2015

(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x19 "The Dirty Half Dozen". This episode was written by Brent Fletcher and Drew Z. Greenberg. It is was directed by Kevin Tancharoen.

Welcome to the land of post or almost post Age of Ultron. Excited for this episode.
I fear I have to do this on my iPad, because my screen on my laptop keeps whiting out. This will suck, because the screen on that thing required a magnifying glass to read! I can't wear glasses for this and watch the show at the same time.


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I'm hoping for a turn the tables moment between Fitz and Ward.
That make up looks like it's a pain.
Raina's premonitions will become handy.
Good going Cal.
Raina's premonitions will become handy only if they interpret them correctly...
Why is Mike not a person to Gonzales? Because other people did things to him?
Ooh, Skye's mom, that's cold. You're going to leave Lincoln to Hydra?
Enhanced. That's an annoying word.

Did Mike recognize Lincoln's name?
Nice Ward is creeping me out.
Kara and Ward are too happy, I'm worried especially for the one who's not a regular.
Kara and Ward are a bit like Drusilla and Angelus.
Could on needs better lines. What are better alternatives to "You and me, both?"
I'm glad they got the tracking Gordon thing out of the way.
Kara is Ward's human shield.
Fitz and Simmons cuteness.
Well that cuteness got creepy fast...
Wow, that was mean.
So.. he's going to wait until they get to the base then blow up Hydra and Coulson at the same time, isn't he?
I'd love to see a conversation between new Raina and new Nadira (that's from Angel & Faith, in case you're not up to date)
Somebody though better punch Ward. At least once.
Please let Simmons punch Ward, at least once.
Ward should host the next Thanksgiving dinner for everybody.
No spoilers for anything else, please Numfar. I'm not there, yet.
Oops, sorry there.
Am keeping an eye on Bakshi.
"Shoulda aimed for the face." HA!
And Ward, just no more talking to people.
Why isn't Hunter with Coulson? (Please be so he can thwart Gonzales from blowing him up.) (And recovering from the bullet wound...)
Time for both SHIELDs to make-up and really work together, instead double guessing each other.
Hunter still injured, isn't him?
Yeah. I realized it after I started typing.
Gonzales is so sending them on a one way trip. He's a jerk.
Bye bye bus ::sob::
It's ok, Numfar. Just a heads up.

So, we know none of them is dead. Did they send a decoy invisible plane?
Ward is cracking me up. When I remember what a slab of beef this character used to be.

As for Cal and Raina, trouble has arrived in Paradise.
Well that was nifty looking.
Gonzales was in on the plan? That's cool.
OK, that was awesome.
I'm thinking that maybe if Gonzales is setting them up the others (like Bobbi and Mack) will realize what he was doing and then he's on the out and the rest of SHIELD will become one. Or something.
Man, Simmons can be so creepy.

PS This is a bit like watching a video game...
Oh, Ward, watch your back around Jemma. Or don't.
I've always said Simmons was the one I wouldn't cross.
Skye's cool in all sorts of ways. So is Jemma.
Jemma! No!

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NYPinTa - you aren't kidding. On both counts.
Simmons calling Ward an Idiot, loved that.
BTw, Skye is kicking butt.

I love how Hydra just has to have their logo on everything.
Very nice action sequence for Chloe.
Yeah that action scene was awesome.
I have to admit that this season has had so many recombinations of people on teams that I've lost track of who's with whom. That undermines the drama (for me) since I no longer know who I want to win.
Hell, Simmons can kill Ward. Of course, she'll pick the absolute worst time to do it.
Damn. Wrong creep.
She dusted a vamp!
Well crap. Ward being "selfless" or just using Kara for brownie points.

Best. Episode. This. Year.
Chill bumps!!!
I may have shed a few tears of joy with the Avengers lead up. Two more days!
I really like this lead-in to AoU.
Or Thursday...
I hate Ward, but the scenes with him and the rest were really amusing.
So will we have a new round of discussion for AoU on Thursday evening?
I won't be seeing AoU till Friday, but will join in right after ...
Amazing episode tonight.Season finale worth and we still have a couple more episodes left.Loved how this sets up the beginning of Age Of Ultron and into the start of the movie.Great to Maria hill here again too.
First-Person Shooter Skye may have been the best action sequence they've ever had on this show. Up there with May vs. May.

And I loved the look on Gonzales' face when Coulson told him Fury was alive.
They were, NYPinTA. Loved the eye daggers thrown at Ward, and each of their responses to him.
@NYPinTA, Ward has been cracking me up most of this season.
So Theta Protocol = Avengers? A bit of a let down, I was hoping for something new. But it makes sense, in the context of when he used it last.

Well, people know Fury is alive. Will he want his job back?
Agreed about the Skye action, AndrewC.
@AndrewCrossett - first-person shooter Skye = same director as May v. May, right?
Well crap. Canada apparently cut out the tag. The last bit I saw was Raina's warning.

Good episode, not best of the season imo. Things kind of wrapped up too neatly and other then the Simmons dusting Bakahi. Cool action sequences and I did like the banter between Raina and Skye's parents.
Fury is bound to show up again. Also, I have a feeling Coulson will show up on the big screen again.
Joss tweeted a thing as the episode was ending.
So, which all Hell? The movie?

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2015-04-29 03:18 ]
I really liked the touch with Agent 33.
Curious to see what happens to her.
Well, they kind of had to reveal that Fury was alive on the show since he's in the ads for Ultron. It's not like him still breathing was going to stay a secret. And Coulson getting to say it to the guy who thinks he's going to replace Fury was priceless. Coulson is on a whole different level than Gonzales and now he knows it. I want to feel bad for him, but I can't.
@Dusk, there was no tag for this episode... they ran a scene from AoU instead.
So List said the alien DNA has never worked "except for the twins of course" -- that was a reference to Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver?

Skye's line about "Candyman" when Ward walked in was hilarious.
I wonder if they're setting up Agent 33 as a full team member for next season? Maybe as Bobbi's replacement when she heads off to Spinoff Land?
There WAS a tag this episode - at least where I live, it came after the Avengers commercial and highlighted the upcoming assault on InhumanVille

Enjoyed the episode, a nice return to form. I particularly liked:

Fitz getting puffy chested while discussing taking down Ward
Simmons reverting to extreme solutions again
Council of Evil Glares during Ward briefing
Skye action sequence - I could watch that on an endless loop
"Spoiler Alert"
Ward stays a bad guy - and potentially will continue to be in mix

Again it seems the momentum has been regained - should be a heck of a finale
Oh, I thought their was an actual scene of the Avengers or something after Raina's warning.
There was a snippet of a scene from Avengers. Then the teaser for next week's episode.
BTW, I would love a loop of Coulson giving Gonzales the toolbox and then dropping the Fury bomb and THEN shoving the phone in his face with Maria Hill's name on the screen. I think I could watch that for hours.
The "tag" is the short scene after the last commercial break. Instead of that we had an excerpt from the AoU movie. Then we had the preview for next week's episode.
Was the snippet/excrept Raina seeing the scepter? The last thing I saw was Raina snarling at SkyeMom then seeing the scepter and warning of metal men. Then commercials I've seen plenty of time before. Then I saw a teaser of Gordon teleporting around and Raina warning they were coming with the planes taking off.

If it was the quote from the Joss tweet, I'm certain that didn't air here. I only ask because last season I also didn't see the Fury scene that was from the Winter Solider where it looked like he died.
The action and SFX in this episode, holy crap. Great job by KTancharoen. I was wondering 'WOW WHO DIRECTED THIS' while watching the action scenes!

The Skye oner was friggin awesome and better than any action scene shot on this show before. It reminded me of the movie Kickass.

[ edited by eddy on 2015-04-29 04:41 ]
There was no tag. They showed a scene from Age of Ultron. It was basically a extended tv spot.
OK thank you. I think we were simsubbed out of that. We also get cut off from promos for next week sometimes. I saw the promo this time, but last week I saw a promo for Arrow (again).
Sonic The Hedgehog reference! Also, I hope Kevin Tancharoen gets to direct more episodes. He also was responsible for the awesomeness that was May vs. May. The skye oner felt very Metal Gear Solid for me.
Sky's fight was very John Wick, look up the nightclub scene from that movie. It also reminded me of the corridor fight in Daredevil with it being done in one take.

The show surprised me, I wasn't expecting that level of amazing choreography from this show. Sky moved through that battle like an emotionless,unstoppable machine...again, very John Wick.
I agree on those action sequences. I enjoyed the hell out of them, Kev T did some really amazing work. Skye has become so badass, a gun-wielding Shield agent with crazy moves AND superpowers. Just thinking back to the beginnings of the show, I am so happy how much she evolved and what a great character she's become.

The Ward/Team scenes were soo cringy. It's funny how he continues to be totally delusional. Or at least up until the end of the episode. I wonder how much of what he said to Coulson on the phone was sincere. Was it really his endgame to get Agent 33 back into Shield, for her own good? Or does he have another reason he wants her there? As much as I wish she could get her old life as a Shield agent back, I find it hard to trust her.

I am so friggin excited for Avengers. It's been in theaters here since last thursday, but I still have to wait til the day after tomorrow to watch it, as I'm watching it with other people. Gaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, loved the Sonic reference.
Caught up with the episode. I loved Skye's great fight sequence, too. I also enjoyed the Team throwing Ward's explanation out the window. Ward is so fun as a psychotic.

I find Gonzales intriguing so Coulson going all "I know stuff you don't know nah nah" fell kind of flat for me. Coulson just verified his tendency for keeping secrets. I wanted to yell "Stop being a brat" but I still love him.

The Ultron tie ins were very cool. Raina was disturbing and threw me. I didn't expect the connection there. But I do have a question - when did Hydra get Loki's scepter? Was that in season 1 when they were cleaning up the first Avengers' mess?

And is Simmons going dark on us? Her choices remind me of some poor choices that Willow made. She's very interesting right now.

Ultron here I come! Friday night!!!!! Woot !!!

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Regarding how Hydra got the scepter, is implied that as Hydra was deep within the ranks of SHIELD, a lot of things SHIELD were storing, got "sidetracked" into Hydra, under the guise of SHIELD.

So everything collected after Avengers, got transferred to Hydra at some point before the fall of SHIELD on Winter Soldier.

Mildly spoilery for Age of Ultron, writting in invisio-text just in case:

[ edited by Numfar PTB on 2015-04-29 13:01 ]
Can someone describe the clip from AoU that was shown as the tag? Was it one of the ones that's already been online?
It was mostly Black Widow on the bike sequence, followed by fast scenes from other sections of the movie.

If you're pondering whether to watch it or not, just wait, the scene is better in context rather than out of context.

[ edited by Numfar PTB on 2015-04-29 13:03 ]
-Numfar PTB,

Thanks. My TV's been broken for awhile, which doesn't really matter these days, but that clip is the one thing. Same thing happened last year with the ep leading up to Winter Soldier. If you didn't watch live in the States, you didn't see the car chase scene with Fury from the movie.
The clip was Captain America and Ultron fighting on top of a moving truck. Hawkeye drops Black Widow on her motorcycle out of a plane and she chases after them. Cap loses his shield and Natasha grabs it as she rides by and throws it back to him just in time to let him smack Ultron with it.

I do think Simmons is going dark. What she did was totally out of line, regardless of the history with Ward. Once you've agreed to join a team... on a mission with many lives at stake that will fail if the slightest thing goes wrong... you don't get to stab a teammate in the back over some vendetta. I don't even like to think how Coulson would have responded if he knew what she did, even though he's no fan of Ward either.

Also, more Coulson/May rift opening up. I'm wondering how much longer she'll be on the team/show. It seems like she is just plain uncomfortable with Coulson's leadership.

I liked how Coulson and Maria Hill snarked over Gonzales' policy of putting everything up for a vote. Glad to see the show is aware of how ridiculous that seems.

The Skye action sequence illustrates how much better these kinds of scenes are in real-time with no edits, rather than the jump cuts and slo-mo we get far too often on this show. As all martial arts movie directors know, good action flows, it doesn't jerk. I wish they'd drop the slow-motion thing when Skye blasts someone with her power, too.
I think maybe the rift between May and Coulson is temporary. Especially since he was actually going to her ex-husband for his own therapy and not to recruit him for SHIELD (to I guess help with an Enhanced Army, as SHIELD 3.0 was suggesting.) And as he pointed out she had her own mission once too. But the rift between Bobbi and Gonzales might be growing.
G: staring like a creeper at Skye and Lincoln, "She's dangerous."
B: without hesitation, "We're all dangerous."
He's still so focused on Enhanced being others to be delt with permenatly and I suspect (speculation only) that Gonzales is going to send something to Afterlife to take them all out and Coulson & Co. are going to send planes to defend them. So SHIELD vs SHIELD isn't over just yet, I think.
Did anyone else notice any similarities between Bakshi and Wesley from Daredevil?
Hands down, THE BEST Agents of Shield fight sequence to date:

* One Shot
* Smartly Choreographed
* No Stunt Double for Chloe Bennett

More of this, PLEASE!

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I think maybe the rift between May and Coulson is temporary.

It seems to be a recurring thing, though. She seems to suspect the worst whenever he does something she doesn't understand. His job is keeping secrets and, when necessary, lying. Even to her. She's having a lot of trouble accepting that.

(And I'm not sure I buy that he was going to her ex for personal therapy.)

Gonzales does strike me as somebody who's going to snap and show his true colors, which is to kill all Enhanced people.
Penthos, my husband and I watched that scene with total delight. Just perfect.
Jesus wept that Skye gunfight is *amazing*. Kevin should do all the episodes.
We were all thinking that Cal was going to wreak havoc on the Inhumans' community. Maybe he'll get heroic and self sacrifice-y, to protect Jiaying (sp?) and Skye. It seems everything he does, good or bad, is out of love for them.
Angel&Faith I was going to make a John Wick vs. Skye joke at the time but couldn't think of a reason they'd be fighting in the first place... ;) But yes, that really was very John Wick. I'm A-OK with that.
@Angel&Faith Oh yea, I felt reminded of the hallway fight in Daredevil, too. I find Skye's oner more impressive, if just for the fact that something this amazing totally came out of nowhere. And apparently without even using a stunt double (though I suppose with the modern trickery, you COULD probably hide some cuts when she turns her head while being stationary if you really wanted to).

I just sat there watching it with my mouth open. I vastly prefer this kind of "real" action over lots of cuts and slow-mo. The behind-the-scenes featurette on that will probably really really cool!

Also loved the Age of Ultron setup. I think they showed off a bit in this episode, thinking people might tune in to get hyped for Avengers in the States and seeing some great production values (the stealth jet descending amidst the burning wreckage after the bus got shot down also looked really really good).

Really digging all the character stuff going on right now, too. Simmons is totally going off the deep end. While I realize this is an action show, I do hope we get some quiet drama time next season. Angel S2+3 springs to mind as a reference point.
Bus go boom? (insert sad emoticon).

Strange that I felt more sorrow for the transit system's departure
than for Mr. Bakshi's happy to comply ending.
The dialogue between Skye and Ward reminds me of the pre-season 6 conversations between Buffy and Spike.
I love Ward. He kind of knows he's a psycho and is dealing with it as best as he can. He seems more complex than a lot of other redemption arc characters you see on TV...including Spike IMO.

It's still ironic to me that the team sees him as untrustworthy when his actions towards John Garrett and Agent 33 clearly show that he is EXTREMELY loyal. I LOVE that contradiction. It's stuff like this that makes him such a fun character.
Goodbye Serenity like Bus! :( I'll miss you!

I'm so glad Ward didn't die though. As his little speech on the bus made me think..'Hmm...Is this him giving his last "Why I did what I did" speech so they can kill him off in the mission?

Thankfully they weren't that bloodthirsty. He may not be a regular but I like having him as a free agent, being able to pop up out of the blue and have everybody on their toes..
Funny how most people hated Ward the most or at least thought he was the most boring one of the bunch. Now he's this weirdly contradictory puzzle.

While I'm glad he wasn't killed off, I love that Simmons nevertheless was fully committed and would've seen it through without blinking if it hadn't been for Bakshi intervening. Would've sucked to have a "no, Jemma, this is wrong!" speech or a "you don't have to do this!" plea. Now we got a nice compromise.

What I find interesting about Jemma's determination to kill Ward for what he did is that he really did hurt her a lot. He almost literally killed her best friend in the world and at the same time sort of succeeded in figuratively killing her best friend in the world since their "about do die"-dilemma resulted in Fitz revealing his true feelings to her which she then had to shoot down which threw a big monkey wrench in their friendship. So Ward really did take her best fried from her. Maybe there'll come a point when she realizes that the severity with which this affects her might mean something in that regard she hadn't considered before.

Also, we're getting to the point where it seems more and more likely that someone on the team might get dusted but I don't want to lose anyone at the moment. Last year, I could've lived without Ward for example. But now ...I wanna see things go places for everyone.

Oh, and Jiaying really needs to visit NY and run into a certain rookie police officer though...
Love Ward! I about died laughing during his "We've all made mistakes" speech. I have no idea what's going on with him, and it's very enjoyable.

And I like Dark Simmons & Rational Bobbi on the Wrong Side, and Are-we-sure-we-can-trust-him Coulson and Crazy Kyle and Controlling Skye-Mom and lovable Skye and Fitz and Pissed-off Porcupine Reina and Conflicted May.

And I've gotta say, I love that this show has so many women in it and hardly any romance.
jcs: And I've gotta say, I love that this show has so many women in it and hardly any romance.

Oh yes! I sooo love that this isn't just the usual "okay you got 3-4 men and one token woman, maybe a second one as a side character" and they're all fascinating in their own ways. The only exception for me being Raina the Hedgehog who is just starting to become a bit more interesting again finally after being just a bratty child mad that it got picked last in gym class and got to wash everyone's dirty laundry or something.
So much cosign to how funny Ward is now and just generally how much I love everything on this show right now!

questions-- what's in the hold of the SHIELD2 ship?! do we know?

did Mike Peterson recognize Lincoln's name, and if so, why, from where?

HYDRA are definitely the Virgin Air of evil branding, but I prefer that by a long shot to the totally unnecessary nike swoosh on Coulson and Ward's collars. Ugh.

I think my favorite part of this episode with so many awesome parts was having no idea whether Bakshi was faking right up until the moment he died for Ward. So what does it mean down the line that Ward has the ability to mind hijack people, huh?

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