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April 29 2015

A review of the Avengers: Age of Ultron soundtrack. "With not just the two composers whose names are on the cover but also Alan Silvestri running all the way through it, it's a curious beast to say the least."

I quite agree with this reviewer's assessment that the score is one of this film's weaknesses. In my opinion Marvel hasn't really had much success in this department with more misses (Iron Man 1 and 2, Hulk, Thor 1 and 2, Guardians, Age of Ultron) than hits (Captain America 1 and 2, Iron Man 3, and Avengers). I particularly miss a strong theme on this score, like the one Silvestri created.
I'd argue Iron Man 1 had a fairly strong soundtrack (and I'm alittle sad that they didn't continue using the 'hero theme' they wrote for him in that film, although the hero theme used in the third film has elements of it played on horns rather than guitar.)

And Guardians was certainly a strong soundtrack (albeit, this came from its use of exisiting songs rather than its score.)

I agree about the Age of Ultron score for the most part- while I liked the subtle re-workings of the first films main theme, they were fairly minor and they didn't really have any strong new themes to drive the film.
(Although I'm impressed by Danny Elfman's work on the score.)

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I loved the score, been listening to it non-stop and thought it was way stronger than the 1st movie. Was impressed by Danny Elfman's contributions, my favorite tracks were all from him.
I'm really glad that we got a reprise of Alan Silvestri's wonderful work from the first film. And Danny Elfman did a better than expected job of recreating that. Brian Tyler seems like a nice guy but I didn't find his work on Thor Dark World very memorable. So I'm not sure why he ended up getting to score the biggest of Marvel's films.
Stil it worked out in the end. Bet we have Joss to thank for that..

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I still really love the main Avengers theme from the first film which is reworked in AOU. It stands out compared to a lot of the main titles for the solo movies.

For overall score Guardians is my favourite (yes the actual score and not just the Awesome Mixtape). It has some lovely moments like 'Sacrifice', 'Groot spores' and 'Groot Cocoon'
I was listening to the Heroes track and thinking where I had heard snippets of this before? And then I realised it was from the main track of the Fable soundtrack which Danny Elfman co-composed.
I also like this score better than the first one, especially the arrangements. I find it more varied. And the new theme by Danny Elfman is really good, although I'm really happy they kept Silvestri's themes as well.
I actually found myself really enjoying the Dark World score this past weekend when I was rewatching Phase 2. It sounds like the theme that plays during the Marvel logo was kind of born out of it, and I definitely looooooove that little piece of music (but maybe it's just for the sentimentality that I know what comes after it is going to be awesome)

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