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April 29 2015

Ratings for last night's Agents of SHIELD episode. The show got a 1.5/5 in the 18-49 demo.

Ouch. Could have been worse I guess.
Looks like pretty much all ratings were down across the board for that hour so I'm not thinking too much of it.
This was the best episode yet IMO. What is it gonna take to get the word out?
This was the best episode yet IMO. What is it gonna take to get the word out?

It needs to be rerun on cable in strip format.
I don't think there's much to do this season to impact ratings, they're done filming, the plotline is pretty set - although I guess ABC could throw additional marketing muscle behind it for next couple weeks to feed off Avengers mania.

Assuming a next season, to impact ratings they'd have to shake things up considerably - new cast members, maybe a new "name" actor who might draw curious eyeballs. Maybe hype some Joss involvement on the heels of Avengers success that will run all summer

Overall though - it is what it is, and as long as ratings have been good enough to give me another season with most of the cast - I'm good
TV By the Numbers has upgraded it to "certain to be renewed," which is nice.
Adjusted up to 1.5. It's been consistent for the last 5 episodes.
Yes, all updated now. Thanks.
For the future seasons, some of it also depends on when/how tightly they place the spin-off. If it runs a full 22 episodes they need to push Joss's name with the Avengers success and really state how tied together these things are. I understand some of the reluctance creators have had over blending shows in the past, but nobody is really complaining about The Flash and Arrow casts mingling too often.

Also both should ideally have a clear and superpowered Big Bad lined up. Two criticisms still harped on my those who dismissed SHIELD was that it seemed pointless and seemed to want to distance itself from the super-side of things. Even now most of the Enhanced are Inhumans who are recent additions. And Gordon is the only one who regularly uses his powers as a plot device.

Now you could argue this isn't a superhero show, but that's a marketing problem when trying to promote a Marvel show. Agent Carter could get away with it to a degree because it was a period piece so it didn't have to live up to/within all the super heroics that haven't happened yet.

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It beats all the other dramas on the night once L+3 is added. Does great with young men, and high incomes. There is no word to get out. It's doing great and will absolutely be renewed in 2 weeks for probably 2 more seasons. L+SD ratings are worthless.
Good. I was speaking reputation-wise. Unfortunately some of the negative reaction from early S1 still pops up in some comment sections and I wouldn't want that to hurt the spin-off either.
Too many people are missing out on one of the best shows on network TV. It just keeps getting better.
A spin-off for this fall bugs me. I just can't see them getting the rest of the cast, a writing staff, and production set up to
start shooting by the end of July. Based on the less than 13 episode limitation we saw with Carter I can't see that as a
possibility which leaves us with a start after X-Mas for 13+ episodes, if it happens at all.

As far increasing viewers in any worthwhile category I think that happens when and if they show the reruns in strip fashion.
My guess is that that's after S3.

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My only nagging worry is that the spinoff is intended to *replace* AoS rather than running concurrently with it. Not likely, but years as a Whedon fan has made me paranoid.
What does strip format (or fashion) mean? Google failed me.
Strip = every night of the week like Castle every night of the work week on TNT or wherever

Stack = several eps of the same show back to back on one night. Most often comedies.

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