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March 30 2004

A new pic "behind the scene" from 5x14 Smile Time

New for me, hope new for you too :)
I adore this ep and this puppet, I found this pic so cute !

If there ever was a pic that deserved a caption contest this would be it. Great pic :).
Awesome photo!!
We should have a caption contest, but I can't think of one right now.
Aww, Angel's beside himself!

This same pic was in my mail this a.m. and it made me giggle out loud.

How I love Puppet!Angel ... which makes me wonder when someone is going to bust out the mass production on those babies? *taps foot impatiently* Thousands of Angel fans are waiting! Plus, my other stuffed critters are lonely; they could use some broody vampire lovin' companionship. ;)
Promptly downloaded and put in the "Angel" folder.
Great link - thanks glady;-)

*Btw, I love the new favicon for Whedonesque!
That would make a great caption contest!
That is SO funny.

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