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April 29 2015

Rewatch Agents of SHIELD's single-take Skye fight scene. Zap2it uploads the Oner from "The Dirty Half-Dozen" in its entirety.

Yeah - I had to stop and re-watch that when I first saw the episode.
That sequence is amazing, and it clearly has the signature one-shot flow of Freddie Wong/ Rocketjump youtube action videos. Does anyone know if he was involved?
Not that I'm aware. The fight choreographer was Matt Mullins and it was directed by Kevin Tancharoen.
I knew that Kevin Tancharoen was the director, and he obviously has a stout action background with his Mortal Kombat work (and on this series so far), but something about that sequence just made me think "Oh. Freddie Wong totally did this."
"Gun-fu" is my new favorite word!

That vid lagged for me, though. Off to find another source for it, 'cause Skye totally made me cheer last night!
Loved that scene. Had to rewatch it also. I'm envisioning a featurette on the Season 2 DVDs :)
I rewound this scene and watched it like 30 times. Holy shit. It even works as a character scene. Quake is born.
I love that scene, definitely the best action sequence the show has done. And so significant for her character. I'm not taking anything away from it but I've recently watched John Wick. He uses the Centre Axis Relock system of gunplay in that which made Skye's reload painfully long compared to what it could have been. Still, great scene!
It was a brilliant scene but I wish they would have used a prop gun with working slide action.
Like @BeSound the scene reminded me of John Wick for sure. However I didn't know about "Centre Axis Relock" was a thing. I just assumed John Wick made up that fighting style on they're own. Neat!
Good scene, but Daredevil has set the single-take TV fight scene bar very high.
I don't know, libradude. Artistically, I liked Daredevil's a little better. However, I think this one was more impressive, since it really looked like it was done all in one take. The Daredevil one was spliced together.
@Jason_M_Bryant, while there were a few pans that WOULD have allowed Daredevil to fake the one-take, the scene was indeed one take. It was confirmed by the Daredevil producers. They made it a point not to "cheat." They even used those two doors to do some sneaky switching between Cox and his stunt double, but there was zero splicing. It is a true unbroken shot...and that's frankly awesome.

I like both scenes though. Two very different approaches and styles.
I prefer gun-kata. Has no one seen Equilibrium?

ETA: BTW, anyone remember when Skye couldn't even shoot a gun and would rather leap out of a window into a pool that shoot someone? ;)

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@NYPinTA - I was actually thinking of that very scene just yesterday. She's come a long way from fleeing like a helpless damsel in season one to point-blanking multiple hydra-agents without flinching in season two.

She's essentially a Jedi. She can use the force AND kick ass.
@SuperScuba - it's to do with the position the gun is held in (at an angle and very close to the face) and is known for its fast reload. The empty magazine is flipped out with a flick of the wrist while the spare mag is grabbed from a belt etc. The result is that it's possible to fire two shots, reload, fire two more shots in under three seconds if you're good enough. None of this is from experience or anything, but I watched a thing on youtube after seeing John Wick...
Holy crap my jaw dropped during that scene! Give us more of that!!!!
Skye was all out of bubblegum!
Just terrific - and I'm so impressed with Ms. Bennett for doing all the stunts. The Skeptical Husband was leaning forward the whole time, saying, "You see what they're doing with the camera? That ... whoa!"
"I prefer gun-kata. Has no one seen Equilibrium? "

Sure have! Nothing ever trumps Equilibrium. Best action scenes ever and not to be topped anytime soon. Also, great perfomrance by Christian Bale.

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