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April 30 2015

(SPOILER) Age of Ultron: The most thoughtful film Marvel's ever made. Vox reviews Age of Ultron while noting its similarities to Firefly.

Interesting read. Has me optimistic to see it tonight!
I really appreciated the repeated acknowledgement of civilians who are bystanders to the superhero vs. supervillain battles, in total contrast to movies like Man of Steel.

The article is also right about the film feeling a bit compressed. They try to do a lot of character development, but with so many characters it's inevitably spread a little thin. Even a few plot points seem kinda rushed.
The world of Age of Ultron is a grimmer place than the world of The Avengers.

Yes. I was kinda dreading that Age of Ultron would be an Ocean's 12 Marvel movie where the actors and director had good fun but no one else did. But that wasn't the case. And it's not a remake of the first Avengers movie either. It's Star Wars vs Empire Strikes Back.
Seeing it today!!!
Woo and Hoo ! ! !
Sitting in the theater like Rainman saying,
"26 minutes to Downey, 26 minutes to Downey"
(Three hours later)
"7 minutes to new Downey, 7 minutes to new Downey."
Stop it Raymond, don't make me go Tom Cruse on your butt.

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Saw it! There are similarities to Firefly, and also some to Angel.
I really want to talk about it, but starting a conversation about it on a thread that's been up for a week feels kind of lonely.
How is there not a US release thread right now? I'm so lonesome with my jumbled thoughts.
Me too, Kailee!
Sigh... The people who see the midnight shows won't have anyone to talk with on here, either.
As for this review and analysis, it's pretty spot on. I think some of the weaknesses in the film may not have been, if Marvel had allowed Joss's movie to be what he intended it to be. The things that work in it work so well, that it seems what was cut probably filled in some of the gaps. Somewhere Joss said something about the heart of the movie being cut out. The movie still had plenty of heart left, and it's probably best for our bladders that it isn't a 4-hour movie, but I would love to see the director's cut.

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I do not see how it's the most thoughtful. I see how it might have been meant to be more thoughtful but it seemed more like all that's really left of that intent is the basic notion. I found the first one far more thoughtful in its end product.

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