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April 30 2015

Mark Ruffalo asks, "Where are the Black Widow products?". It's a good question.

Because I am just too lazy to retype (or copy and paste), I did address certain related topics in another thread, especially in regards how Disney approach the Marvel license.
When they say in the commercials The avengers and I only see four of them I go those aren't the avengers.
Seriously, what is UP with that? Disheartening to say the least.
It really is. I'd like my son to have merchandise that represents the whole team not just the male heroes.
Not only would my daughter love some Black Widow merch, I would love some, too! Last year a family friend gave her some 1D composition books (she hates them -- I mean 1D, not composition books!). I covered it over with a Black Widow fanart on one side and a SHIELD pic on the other. Then I borrowed it and never gave it back, oops.
As far as super-market tie-ins; Black Widow's on the Dr. Pepper Cherry 12-pack and Eggos Buttermilk Waffles. Does that count? (Strangely, she's hiding behind the waffle.)

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