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May 01 2015

Why Joss Whedon cut The Hulk's best scene from Age of Ultron. As to what the scene was, we may never know. In a related note, you can find out why Joss cut Loki from the sequel as well.

Somewhat similar to Wesley's dream ballet in Angel. Hurray for DVD extras.
It seems to me they cut a bit too much.
Aaron Taylor-Johnson also talked about some really cool Quicksilver moments that didn't make the final cut.

And while the 1st movie was the perfect length and well balanced, I 'm also pretty sure "Age of Ultron" would be a better film with an extended cut. I'll be disappointed if we never see it. I know Joss said the theatrical cut was the movie, but I can't help thinking it's still a compromise, and that's kind of Marvel talking. I don't know.
I think Joss has a problem with the idea of a "Director's Cut Edition" effectively saying "I didn't get to make the movie I wanted to make."

There were deleted scenes for "The Avengers" and "Serenity" that were very important for story or character development (Cap's scenes with the waitress outside Stark Tower or looking at the SSR files for the Howling Commandos and Peggy Carter); or just darn good scenes (River counting the rocks going by, before the bank heist). The problem with these scenes is, as Joss noted, they break the continuity and interrupt the flow of the overall story. So, they have to be removed to protect the integrity of the narrative.

Joss hasn't been hesitant to include deleted scenes, but he doesn't incorporate those scenes directly into the movie, because the movie itself would then NOT be the best, brightest version of the statement Joss wants to make.

(Deleted Comment: I didn't want to interrupt my narrative flow above, but Joss said in his commentary he had already decided to delete River's counting before he ever filmed it, but he couldn't resist.)
Additional, somewhat off topic.
Does anyone know if there was a deleted or never filmed scene in the first Avenger's movie when Thor is retrieving Mjölnir, after Loki gave him the free skydiving lesson. It seemed like Thor was having trouble getting the Hammer to return and I was wondering if there was any explanation available? Was he momentarily unworthy or was something else happening? (or just all in my imagination)
It doesn't sound like this cut was his decision. The phrase 'The decision was made ...' is pretty telling. This seems like a movie where a director's cut might be a good thing.
RobynH, I've always assumed it was because he saw Loki kill Coulson in front of him, and because of his death he did not feel worthy of Mjölnir. Again, that's my hypothesis. I haven't come across anything proving or disproving it.
@RobynH: Yeah, I actually share Joss' feelings about director's cuts in general. I don't like when a movie has more than one version. And both Serenity and The Avengers were edited the right way, the deleted scenes were removed for good reasons.

It really seems like "Age of Ultron" is a whole different thing. First, because it does sound like it was more Marvel's decision to shorten the film than Joss'. And second, because you kind of feel like there are holes when you watch the film, which doesn't happen with his other films.

That's why I make an exception, and feel like the "extended cut" might be a good thing for this movie. Of course, it's hard to be sure when we haven't seen the deleted scenes. But Joss did say there were 2-3 things that he's sad are not in the film. So I suspect that his cut could've been at least 10 minutes longer. But maybe his principal of releasing only one version of the film is more important to him.

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They have already announced the BluRay will have both an Extended Cut and Alternate Ending
@TallMichaelJ: Actually Amazon sent a new message saying that this information "may not be correct". They haven't heard from Marvel, so nothing is official.
I find it difficult to say how much I'd love to see an extended/alternate version of the movie without seeming ungrateful for the one I got. I loved the movie I saw at the theater last night, and I can't wait to see it again to start picking up the pieces I missed.

I don't think that director's cuts necessarily have to mean that the original release was not to the director's liking. Watching a movie at home is different from watching in a theater, and it seems like it should be possible for a movie to be tailored to each type of experience.
@Trentaferd: That's a very good point. It's certainly true for The Lord of the Ring's extended versions, which are way too long for a theatrical experience.

But "Age of Ultron" is only 2h15 (without the credits), it could easily have been 20 minutes longer without being too long for the theater.

Still, I also believe the extended cut can exist without saying the theatrical one is wrong. Plus, it would only be additional scenes, or extended scenes, not a "director's cut" that really changes the film. Joss told the story he wanted to tell. The extended cut would only make the second part less rushed, which I find is its only real flaw.

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"That Thing You Do" is one of my semi-guilty pleasure movies, and for the most part the extended cut is great. It doesn't change or advance the story any further, it just lets things breathe and allows the viewer to spend some more time with the characters.

That said, they changed the ending for the theatrical cut, and I think it's MUCH better. I've been meaning to put together a bit of a supercut with the added scenes from the extended cut, but the theatrical ending.

But I digress.

I agree with the above - an extended cut doesn't necessarily need to equate to a conflicted canon. If it's just about adding scenes to make explicit what was only implied due to running time constraints, then no harm no foul IMO. I hope the Amazon UK leak was genuine and that the retraction was only damage control.

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Agreed, and thank you for complimenting my point. I've enjoyed yours as well.
It's true that at AoU's runtime cutting anything for time alone hardly seems necessary, yet that excuse for cuts seems to come up for nearly every Marvel release. Even Thor 2, which is one of their shortest, got that treatment (and director Alan Taylor clearly would have liked a director's cut). Avatar, the current highest grossing movie (hopefully dethroned by AoU) clocked at almost a half-hour longer, and still seemed to satisfy theatergoers, evidently.
I also agree that an extended cut certainly doesn't have to contradict a theatrical cut, but in the amazon-rumored case of an extended cut with an alternate ending, it might. I suppose it could just be a Return of the King-esque second ending, but I honestly can't think of what other ending there could possibly be. The one we got tied things up pretty succinctly, and anything else would either be extraneous or different.
I suppose it could be an alternate ending as a deleted scene, but that would be an odd thing for them to report without mentioning deleted scenes as a feature.

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Well supposedly SFX was made for the ending of the movie with Captain Marvel in place of another character so its possible they could finish the SFX for that sequence and call it a alternate ending. It would be really bizarre though.
RobinH, I don't remember "River counting the rocks" - was this in a BluRay commentary? If not, I'm just going to have to listen to it again. Oh, darn, hate it when that happens. ;-)
Jocelyn, it's the first deleted scene on the Serenity DVD. Right after Jayne says "Let's be bad guys." (Joss's commentary on why he cut it is that after Jayne's line, the scene is just over.)

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