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May 01 2015

Avengers kicks off opening weekend in the U.S. with record Thursday. "The highly anticipated sequel came in with $27.6 million from evening shows which is significantly higher than the $18.7 million the first "Avengers" earned in 2012."

3 hrs and 25 minutes. I cannot wait!!!!!
It's not a record. Harry Potter did better on Thursday.
Well it beat the TDKR's record imax debut for super hero films I think.
It's not really a fair comparison. When I saw The Avengers, it was on Thursday at Midnight and there were only 3 showings that night. When I went last night to Age of Ultron, there were 7 screenings starting as early as 7PM. I don't really know how they can even claim Friday is still "Opening Night" anymore.
Well all the studios are doing it so its accepted.(counting Thursday as part of Friday)
I'm not saying it's not "fair" to count it against other movies coming out now, I was specifically talking about comparisons to the first Avengers where it probably had far fewer showings on Thursday night. Although I realize it's pointless to think this way because ALL of these box office records continue to grow due to factors like 3D, IMAX, inflation, etc. Whether "fair" or not, these records are designed to be broken constantly.

I AM excited to see TWO Whedon movies at the top of the All-Time Box Office Gross list though...let's make it happen! :)

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But the first Avengers opened in more theaters than this one...
I tried to go see Avengers last night, SOLD OUT, had to pre order tickets for today. Looks like it's doing pretty great.

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