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May 01 2015

The 20 Joss Whedon-est lines in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Which lines did you like the best?

There's a line that is very River-esque. Something about going for a ride...
There was that nod to Firefly about taking the sky?

'Sokovia's going for a ride' (or something like that)- the delivery of it defiently had a River/ Amy Acker as Whiskey-vibe to it.

(They also don't have a couple of my favourites in here-
Black Widow had a couple of Buffy-esque lines, 'I'm always picking up after you guys' and 'Can someone deal with that bunker?' Hulk smashes it 'thank you'...while neither line sounds that special written, their delivery in the film was very Whedonesque.

And Hawkeye's little chat about re-decorating his house during the climatic battle was also one of the more Whedon-ey lines in the film.)
Whenever anyone says "boat" in any Whedon property, I get Firefly goosebumps :)
Hawkeye's "No one will ever know" while mulling plunking the mocking Quicksilver in the back as he speeds away
Meep meep. Also, shit.
There was one line in the beginning:

IRON MAN: [after shooting a room full of Hydra goons] Good talk.

HYDRA GOON: [groaning] No it wasn't!
I also liked the awkward Hydra Goon at the very beginning:
Strucker: Can we hold them?
Goon: They're...the Avengers...
"I'm re-instituting prima noctis."
Tony Stark alluding to droit du seigneur ... who would write that but Joss Whedon? I cracked up uncontrollably, probably annoying everyone else in the theater.
People in the theater I was in laughed at every line worth laughing at, and the whole Thor's hammer thing. My favorite is too long to quote. I'll be able to eventually, but I've only seen it once. It was when Hawkeye is trying to persuade Scarlet Witch to join them, and tries to explain the situation they're in. Very Whedonesque.

Also, Cap's very last line. "Avengers..." Written and Directed by Joss Whedon.

I really loved the movie. It's better than the first one, which was awesome to begin with.

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Turning the "Language!" thing into a running gag throughout the entire movie was very Whedony.
I'm with you Nebula. It was something like "We're in a flying city, battling an army of robots, and I've got a bow and arrow..."
Was the "she's with us" line in the movie? I didn't notice it but it was in one of the trailers.
I actually think there's a bunch of stuff in the trailers which got cut. I seem to remember Black Widow holding two light saber style things?
Changes from the trailer - I remember in the trailer that Banner declined to try the hammer, but he tried and failed with it in the film.

Favorite line: Tony's Stark's tiny little "Yay" ...
The "Yay" was my favorite too.

I thought I did see the light saber things, gossi, at one point while she was fighting. But I can't remember if she held still with them like I think she did in the trailer. Clearly I need to watch it again.

*cough* .. Testosterone!! *cough*

True story: I had my hands full today and really, really hoped that my front door was unlocked ... so of course I found myself saying "Please be secret door, please be secret door, please be secret door ... Yay!"
Is "That's not a question I need answered" too obvious or boring because it was the zinger in the hammer/party scene trailer or why is nobody mentioning it?

It must be either too subtle or too on-the-nose, I guess. But I can't tell which one it is.

Also, a shame that the article gets "meep meep!" wrong and presents it as "beep beep!" which totally nullifies the reference.
My favorite bit was Andy Serkis's one about cuttlefish, but the "Please be a secret door, Yay!" and the "Good talk"/"No it wasn't" were also great.
I think the bit that got the most laughs at my screening, and my favorite line was from Tony in his fight with the Hulk, when everything goes quiet and he says, wide eyed: "I'm sorry."
As far a Joss lines: I also thought of Joss when Hawkeye explained the situation to Scarlett Witch (flying city... and I am fighting with a bow and arrow).

I loved when they all try the hammer and when Capt America tries, the hammer actually starts to budge a little. Thor is in the background and the concerned/upset look on his face is great! Then of course the Avengers trying to decide if they can trust Vision and in the end Vision just picks up the hammer and hands it to Thor...just great.

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