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May 02 2015

The Avengers is Really That Good. In this episode of his new YouTube series, Boston Film Critic, Bob "MovieBob" Chipman examines how and why the first film has already earned "instant classic" status.

WARNING: There's some mild, Adult language. Also, Bob tends to use a lot of run-on sentences and he talks very, very fast, so keep those pause and rewind buttons close by.

This vid is 40 minutes long. That's a whole lot of opinioning.
It's worth watching, though. Chipman has some great insight, I think, into the convergence of the narrative and the 'meta-narrative' of the film, and how it makes the whole thing work. The enthusiasm with which he recaps the movie's high (and low) points is also rather infectious.
I agree, if you enjoyed the Avengers, it's worth the time to watch this. The narrative/meta-narrative convergence analysis is pretty interesting, and overall he has a lot to say about why the Avengers is more than just another blockbuster film.
This is a great analysis. It made me see things about the movie I already love that I'd never noticed/thought about before. Very informative.

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