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May 02 2015

'Avengers: Age of Ultron' scores second biggest opening day of all time. Avengers: Age of Ultron pulled in $84.5 million during its first day at the domestic box office.

Is Mexico counted in this or is it just the US and Canada?
Just US and Canada.
Domestic is better term than north america can.
I went with 'North America' because I'm not sure many Whedonesquers know what domestic refers to with box office. That said, I'll go ahead and tweak it.

It feels sad saying this, but as a box office geek I'm kind of disappointed with this number. Indications last night were that it would make somewhere between $90m-$100m for the day, and $84.5m means it made less on its actual Friday than The Avengers did ($57m vs. $63m), and almost surely will come in under the first film's $207m opening weekend record. Beyond that, the A- CinemaScore is troubling -- that's lower than The Avengers (which managed a very rare A+), all three Iron Man films, and Guardians of the Galaxy; and even with not-beloved films like Thor: The Dark World and The Amazing Spider-Man.
I'm back and forth on whether the box office is really that important. I want Joss to get the recognition but what I really hope is that he can make new things that he wants. How many articles have we all read that wonder what he will do next? Isn't it amazing that so many now wonder the same as us?

I think fan word of mouth is going to drive more sales and it will continue to do well. It's a good movie, despite the critics.

Will Ultron beat Harry Potter or the Avengers? Maybe or maybe not, but isn't it cool that we are talking about it?
I think fan word of mouth is going to drive more sales and it will continue to do well.

That's the thing. Based on the lower bulk-of-Friday gross and significantly lower CinemaScore (an A- for a comic book film is mediocre), all indications are that word-of-mouth on this film isn't terribly positive.
Unfortunately, if this movie makes $1.3 billion instead of the $1.5 billion the first Avengers made, the narrative will be, "where did Whedon go wrong?" And people will complain that there weren't enough crowd-pleasing "puny god" moments in this one.

Unfortunately, movies like this are sometimes judged more by how many GIFs they generate, not how good the story is.
Unfortunately, if this movie makes $1.3 billion instead of the $1.5 billion the first Avengers made, the narrative will be, "where did Whedon go wrong?"

This is absolutely my concern. Everything that works about Age of Ultron is pure Joss (and admittedly, some of what doesn't work is him too), but I worry that he'll take the hit on this movie in the same way that Favreau took the blame for Iron Man 2.
The CinemaScore site says Ultron got an A. Is there various grades?
Weird, it was reported as an A- last night. Still, A is better. Lower than the first film, but on par with many Marvel films.
To be honest if Disney walk away with $1.3bn and most people calling the movie an A, who gives a shit what the press write? I think there's a world of difference between Ultron and Iron Man 2, and I imagine most in Hollywood would see that too.
Trying to get my head around the idea that A- is a mediocre grade and making over a billion dollars is failing. It's a strange world.
People need to stop with the disappointment talk. It's ridiculous.

It doesn't have the critical acclaim the first one did. So what? It's still certified fresh on RT and the Metascore is almost the same. It will have one of the biggest openings of all time. Who'd have thought the two biggest openings in the US would be for movies written and directed by Joss? And it will earn way more oversees!

From a box office point of view: it's huge.
To be honest if Disney walk away with $1.3bn and most people calling the movie an A, who gives a shit what the press write?

Iron Man 2 was a massive hit that also received an A CinemaScore, and Jon Favreau took a hit from it.

Trying to get my head around the idea that A- is a mediocre grade

Because it's a scale that's always weighted toward the positive. Green Lantern has the lowest superhero CinemaScore I can find, and that pulled a B.
Personally I think the Iron Man 2 issue is different. I doubt Joss will be doing Celebrity Big Brother any time soon.
I haven't seen it yet - won't until Monday - but RT has it at 75% fresh vs 92% for the first one. Very likely an issue of the bar being raised.
Concerning the scenario where AoU only gets 1.3 billion, the only way this really concerns me is if it gets in the way of Joss being able to tell the stories he wants to tell. But knowing what he is able to pull off on a tight budget (Serenity, Much Ado, and Dr. Horrible), I'm not really concerned that this would significantly impact our ability to hear more great stories from him.
This thread is hilarious. No one making any decisions anywhere except Disney/marvel accountants cares if this makes $1.3 or $1.5B. It's an unqualified smashing, worldwide, fan pleasing, 4 quadrant hitting success without reservation. Stop.
IrrationaliTV, thank you. You're the sanity check that we need from time to time.
Please don't lament people for talking box office comparisons and then use terms like 'four quadrant hitting success.' That's just... ugh.

Early word is that the film dropped 30%-ish today, meaning it made somewhere in 50s. By comparison, Avengers made $69m and Iron Man 3 made $62m their first Saturdays.
So, it's setting all kinds of records internationally. And who cares? Disney will make crazy multiples on their investment whether it it is the 2nd highest grossing movie of all time or just the pitiful 3rd or 4th best grossing movie of all time. Ha! Also, I don't think "lament" means what you think it means. I'm not mourning the picnic this thread is having over a nonexistent problem. I'm poking fun at it. :)
I guarantee you Disney cares about the difference between $225m -- which is what early numbers were pointing this film toward -- and $185-190m, which is what it's likely to gross. I guarantee you that Disney cares about the dip from the first film, because it could portend bigger dips for Captain America: Civil War and Phase Three as a whole. And I care because I enjoy following box office, whether a film makes $2m in a weekend or $200m in a weekend.

We clear? Good talk.
Consider me properly mansplained and put in my place. ;)
Right, enough of the fighting and sniping. I really can't bothered.

Also Serenity got a A. But Cabin in the Woods wasn't listed. Buffy got a B+ which goes to show there is no accounting for taste.
I know where this is all going, and since no one else wants to say it, I will...

We wouldn't be worried about the Box Office if Disney got their damn act together
and made Black Widow merchandise available for one and all....

There. I said it.

Now I'm grabbing my blow-up Thor Hammer ---- you know, the one you can actually lift ----and I'm going to help the Australian Box Office by seeing Ultron for
the 2nd ( and 3rd ) time....

Evidently the prize fight sucked up a lot of the air in the room which shocked me. TBH I thought boxing in North America was dead and gone. Oops.
It isn't "news" to say: "The Avengers is a smashing success... AGAIN!"

No, it becomes "news" to ask: "Is the blockbuster franchise that blew records wide open now starting to crack?" Websites and news media have to generate controversy and excitement.

So they're now speculating about "What will Joss do now?" That's Grade A amazing... that means they're NOT making that other kind of spin on the movie. This is pretty much the best we can hope for.
In terms of numbers - Disney doesn't have to split the gross with Paramount this time (they did for A1), so they should be making more moola.
It wasn't just the fight, I don't think. There were also big NBA playoff games and the Kentucky Derby.

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