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May 02 2015

What it's like to actually watch 27 straight hours of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Blast endures an epic viewing marathon so we don't have to. Vox has a similar article.

Interesting... But I just don't get the AoS hate. Maybe I'm watching it wrong, but I look forward to where it goes next at least as much as I did with Dollhouse, the only other Joss show where I was watching same week.
I don't get it, either. I take my phone off the hook so nobody will call during AoS. I've only ever done this for Joss's shows. While I know he's not working on the show, it's his baby.

So the first few episodes didn't wow a lot of people. Those of us who watch it attentively, know how good it's become.

Also, really? This guy has the time to watch 27 hours of anything in a row? Even I don't have the time to do that, and I have no job!
I suspect a lot of it is from early S1. Very hard to get people back once they've been turned off. Stuff like bad mystery pacing, Skye worship, a lack of powered/recognizable characters from the comics, a misfire "crossover" with Thor 2, ignoring the ethical dilemmas of working for something like SHIELD because they never did anything shady to set up the team clearly being the heroes after TWS etc.

You can argue that this isn't a superhero show all you want, but that's still a marketing problem for a Marvel product. I'm not sure how the spin-off would overcome this hurdle.

Now maybe if the show pulls something out in the finale that will directly impact the movies (Global Terrigen Bomb=Civil War perhaps?) that might get people to go back. S2 has very much improved. I still have some issues with it but most of the flaws in S1 have been fixed, and I'm waiting for the final 3 episodes before I post my likes and dislikes. Hopefully Fitz and Simmons will actually have some emotional honesty they've needed since the season premiere!
I've been attentively watching AoS since the first episode and I still don't think it's anywhere close to the quality of any of Joss's previous shows, or even the other two Marvel shows that have since premiered.

Season two is definitely an improvement. The characters seem slightly more compelling. But the overall story just hasn't been there for me and the dialogue is missing the kind of sparkle/quality that I expect from a show with Joss's name on it.

I think what's telling for me is that I could not even attempt to tell you what my favourite episode of SHIELD is... because I literally can't remember the different episodes. It's a fine distraction on a weekly basis, but I've never been compelled to rewatch any of the episodes and I can't imagine a scenario in which I'd want to.

To compare to what's now my second least favourite Joss show (Dollhouse), SHIELD hasn't had that "Man on the Street" moment yet.
.... And yet I love AofS...I wasn't interested in a super hero every week, and I love the dialogue and action scenes....despite being a big Buffy and Angel fan (and actually meeting the lovely Joss ) I didn't watch Firefly (Terrific) or Dollhouse ( Ok) until they hit DVD , so, yeah, not easily persuaded to watch shows on tv...although I do seem in the minority about my fan-love for AofS...

"I have a weapon much better than a bomb that will absolutely destroy you.."
"Why's that?"
"..because you slept with her....and she's really pissed off!"

Also loved Hydra's idea of an "Incentive" program....


Back on Topic: Like a lot of others, I occassionally enjoy watching whole seasons of certain TV shows in one weekend.. But 27 hours straight??....Was The Hulk and Thor 2 thrown in to sort out the Men/Women from the Boys/Girls??.. I bow to those who made through....

Missed the point by 0.06 degrees. Though he was numbed by the content, he did understand why we fans follow as we do.

Joss' stories are connective to us, but not to an outsider. First rule is to smile and play nice. Suggest watching more, perhaps "Firefly" or "Angel".

I've captured several minds with that.

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