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May 02 2015

The reason behind Hawkeye's big secret in Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Joss tells Buzzfeed why Hawkeye's secret "is among my favorite things we've ever done".

See, that's a side of Joss' stories that I adore so much, the characters themselves. Like Willow or Buffy, I would like to know a bit about Hawkeye. I appreciate the story.

Okay, I go back to coloring my book.
The odd thing about Clintasha to me is that a lot of the TV types that post on a AoS forum are all bent out of shape because he is not hooking up with Mockingbird per the comics.
This was probably my favorite thing about the movie. As someone who doesn't actually read the comics, it was a complete surprise and gave so much depth to the character.
Clintasha never really takes off in the comics, he marries/divorces Bobbi Morse, and dates Jessica Drew (he even dated the villain Moonstone at one point). Clint does have a family in the Ultimates verse (1 son and 2 daughters), but it ends with Natasha killing them, so I hope that doesn't happen. I hope that they will still explore Clint's background some more. His characterization is really just based on him having a family. I would like them to explore his time at the circus, his brief stint as a thief, and his complex relationship with his brother Barney.
And isn't comic Clint with Kate Bishop now anyway? That one would be a bit hard to do considering she started out as the Hawkeye for the Young Avengers.
Clint isn't with Kate Bishop - it's hinted Kate has a crush on him, but he's said that he doesn't want to sleep with her. It's more of a mentor/mentee relationship, only with Clint being very, um, bad at being a mentor.

Also, I love that MCU Clint is based on the Ultimates Hawkeye, because you know who is based on 616 Hawkeye? Lance Hunter! Think about it: ex-husband of Mockingbird, always making sarcastic jokes, super unlucky. He's Hawkeye without the bow and arrow!
Joss has done a great many things: getting me to care about Hawkeye is not one of them.
Any ship for Hawkeye and Kate Bishop is pretty much fan-based. I don't think any of the writers want them to get together.

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The writers have specifically stated that Clint and Kate are platonic.

Never thought of Lance Hunter as 616 Clint before, but you are absolutely right. They are extremely similar. I do have to say, while I do like Clint's family, I hate the Ultimates-verse: Maximoff's having incest, Hulk implying he wants to rape Betty, Nat using her engagement to Stark to acquire an Iron Man suit, Nat getting Steve and Bruce arrested and killing Edwin Jarvis alongside the Bartons'. So, not a fan of that verse. I really hope they won't base the MCU any more on the Ultimates universe.
Starscribe, I still don't like Hawkeye much either, but I feel like that has a lot to do with my ambivalence about Jeremy Renner. That said, I loved what Joss did with the character, and his effect on the story of this movie.
Ambivalence about Jeremy Renner ? Have you seen The Hurt Locker, The Town, and/or Dahmer ? (that last one's a sick, sick little film, but got him noticed before his break-out role/mainstream exposure in Hurt Locker) Throw in his Bourne film (completely unnecessary sequel with an abrupt ending that I had fun with nonetheless) and, I dunno, I think he has a pretty impressive resume so far. I've heard from some folks who don't find him attractive in the least (think he's kind of adorable, personally), but beyond that, haven't heard many criticisms.
My favorite p art of the movie :D

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