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May 03 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron has second biggest box office opening ever. The movie made $187.7 million in its opening weekend in North America. So far the sequel has made $627 million worldwide. Update Now that the final figures are in, the movie actually made $191.3 million in North America with a worldwide take of $631.1 million.

Is Sunday not considered part of opening weekend?
Sunday is guestimated? I think.
Yep. Sunday is an estimate that will be trued up Monday afternoon with actuals.
Here's hoping its total toll matches or exceeds the first one, showing it's not how fast it gets out of the gate but how well it finishes. Not that there's anything to complain about, but we do want Joss' work to reign supreme.
I got the impression that Disney kept the first movie in the theatres long enough to get the $1.5 billion bragging rights. And I would imagine the sequel will get re-released for the Labor Day weekend like the first one was. So we can look forward to those "director's cut screening" rumours all over again *bleh*.
I'm curious to see what Sunday's number is. My normal reaction would be to say Disney's overestimating it (Iron Man 3 fell 30%, whereas they're estimating a 19% drop for Age of Ultron), but The Avengers was underestimated its first weekend and actually went up $7m when the final numbers came out.

Basically this is a long-winded way of saying the number could go up, could go down, could stay the same.
The film may not hit 400m depending on its legs. It has a lot more competition than the first film did.
Any idea why it's showing in less theatres than the first one?
The film may not hit 400m depending on its legs. It has a lot more competition than the first film did.

It'll hit $400m. I'd wager it'll come in around $450m.

I've seen people online asking how we can look at this number as a disappointment, and on one level those people are totally right. Second biggest opening weekend of all time! But the comparison that immediately jumps to mind is Attack of the Clones. That film opened to $110m over four days in 2002. Massive! But it wasn't as big as Spider-Man, and so people shrugged at the number.
I'm kinda tired of the dollar-based argument. Ticket prices go up over time. 3D and IMAX versions charge a higher ticket price. So while dollars are a way of determining a movie's success, tickets sold would be a better way of assessing relative popularity in comparison to other films. (I'd prefer that even if inflation is taken into account, which it rarely is.)

I saw the first 3D showing that was available on Thursday night and it was not crowded at all. I even paid for the "convenience" of an advance purchase from Fandango, a wasted (albeit minor) sacrifice. Maybe it was more crowded on Friday night for the "official" opening (and not a school night to boot) -- there was not a lot of advertising of the Thursday night shows so maybe most folks were just unaware.
The Thursday night event at my nearest theater drew quite a crowd. Maybe not sell-out level stuff, but there were 12 screenings just that night, and the second of the IMAX shows was about as close to capacity as I've ever seen.
Our local screens were selling out Thursday and Saturday. I didn't go Friday, but I assume they would've been selling out then, too.
Marvel only has the top three opening weekends ever! TRULY THE COMPANY IS FALLING TO ITS KNEES! Or something.
Jack Diamond, when you put it THAT way.... yay!
I think the reason this movie didn't beat the first one in first weekend revenue is quite simple: the Pacquiao / Mayweather fight. The fight set a new record for number of Pay-Per-View orders, so in other words, tons of people stayed home Saturday night to watch it instead of going to the movies.

Having said that, the movie is still second of ALL TIME, which isn't too shabby, regardless of inflation and ticket price increases. And the fact that it has an A cinemascore from audiences indicates that it will have good staying power over the weeks ahead.
According to some on the box office forums Sunday was much busier than usual and the number could go up by 5m
Yes the final figure is $191.3m with a worldwide gross of $631.1 m.
A $4 million boost is good. I was kind of dreaming big that it'd be more like $10 million more. I still think it'll reach $500 million or come really close. I plan to see it again this Saturday with my 5 year old son. He adores the first Avengers. I went to see this one first to see if he'd get scared. I know a couple of spots will scare him but now that I've seen it, walking out for a bit won't bother me. :)
I went Sunday, and there were only a few seats left in the neck-killer seats. It was one of the big theaters in the multiplex, so huge crowd, with lots of kids, and not everyone seemed to be into it. Thursday was big for a Thursday, but not packed. We got good seats. It seemed everyone there was really into it. I went today in a theater with reserved recliner seats. It was today at noon, and packed, mostly with college students. This crowd was both comfortable, and they liked it (judging by reactions). The Sunday crowd may not have many going back to see it again, but the other two will.
AVENGERS AoU only made 28 times more money than its closest competition over the weekend, so it's definitely a failure.

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