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May 06 2015

Mark Ruffalo responds to Joss controversy in this Reddit AMA. A very eloquent and heartfelt response.

It speaks volumes about Joss's character that there are a lot of people willing to voice their support of him. People like Mark Ruffalo, James Gunn (great piece on Facebook), Patton Oswalt, Steven S. DeKnight, Jewel Staite.
Ruffalo seems like a really sweet guy.
Good for Mark - well done!
Thank you so much for this. I'm grateful you guys are here, doing what you do.

In September 2011, I had the honor and privilege of walking with Joss Whedon and many others for Club Mo to help fight Lupus. I spoke with him a couple of times and thanked him for all he does for women. This man changed my life for the better with his wonderful works and I told him so. He was very kind and gracious. He is my hero.

My heart is broken that felt he had to leave Twitter. How I wish we could protect him from the hate and anger and awfulness of those who only want to be vile and negative. It feels like the only way to counter the hate is to love more. I hope one day Joss will want to return to Twitter to once again share with us his inspiring voice, humor, and wisdom.

He has my full support, whatever he chooses to do.
KissingToast, if there were a collection of links to those pieces you reference, I'd love to read them.

I don't, unfortunately, want to read them bad enough to wade through the morass of other stuff I fear I might find if I let Google try and guide me to them.

For jclemens and anyone else who is interested, here is what some of the other people that KissingToast mentioned wrote:

- James Gunn
- Patton Oswalt: at first this. I'm linking to an article about his tweet instead of to the tweet itself, as he since deleted it. This tweet explains why. (There are several other related tweets on his twitter timeline as well, starting on the 5th of May.)
- Jewel Staite

(I was not able to quickly find any comments from Steven S. DeKnight on the subject.)
[edit: Steven S. DeKnight retweeted one of Mark Ruffalo's tweets and some of James Gunn's tweets, DeKnight's twitter feed is here, just scroll down to his tweets on the 5th of May.]
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...also, see the next comment. :)

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Sorry for a late response jclemens: DeKnight twited this:
Some of the responses to that are hilarious.
I can't figure out how to look at those since it's Twitlonger.
DeKnight twitlonger:
You don't like creative choices in a movie, by all means, express yourself. But some of the vitriol recently directed at Joss Whedon is screechingly psychotic. The proper response to that kind of bullshit is a resounding "fuck you" followed by repeated mashing of the block button. But unfortunately Joss always was a much nicer guy than I am.

Thanks - I couldn't find his Tweet to see the responses for some reason, then I did.
Great to see people coming to Joss's defense. There is nothing I don't love about Mark Ruffalo.

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