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May 06 2015

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith Season 10 #14. It's the final part of the "United" arc.

I really enjoyed the issue. I felt it was an emotionally satisfying end to the arc, with enough loose ties and hints for the future to keep me guessing and eager to read what's coming next.

Some points

- Great to have Will Conrad back on art duties. His likenesses get better and better with each issue. I really felt the emotion flow from each character.
- Illyria is definitely back to her "I am god, hear me roar" old self.
- Loved the exchange between Faith and Angel after Angel tried to reason with Illyria:
Faith: Still gonna try talking, huh?

Angel: Bring thrown at cars hurts

hahahahaha....I literally LOL'd at that exchange:)

-Loved the tag team effort between Angel and Faith...well before poor Faith was thrown on top of a building. ouch.

- I'm with those who found it strange that Spike wasn't included in the list of people who meant something to Illyria.

- LOVED the Fred and Illyria "dreamscape" convo. I do feel that a lot of this is what Joss had planned for Illyria and Fred in Season 6, that was only slightly touched on in After the Fall.

-"Today a human tells a god, no" - Go Fred! We see here the Fred that survived Pylea for 5 years, and who is stronger than she gives herself credit for.

- Loved the full page "group shot" of the new Fang Gang.

- Oh Zane. You aren't evil. But you're not "good" either.

- Angel of course realises that this isn't the end of the Fred/Illyria situation. This is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. I wonder when we will see Illyria again?

- Angel and Faith still seem to be walking on eggshells with each other. I wonder where this friendship will lead (not romantically, but in terms of working together.)

- Nadira. You are really starting to creep me out!

- Were those all magic balls in the air? This magic and Nadira worry me. It's not going to end well. Again.
The mix of Reese/Zane's interest in the magic and in Illyria and Nadira's weird creepy interaction and 'belief' in the seemingly sentient magic which is disturbed by Illyria's presence is definitely interesting. I'm not enamoured with the Illyria/Fred storyline because I don't think Fred should have been brought back but, as you say, I think it is following some of what Joss had originally planned for Illyria so we'll see where it goes. I'm interested to see how Angel/Faith balance their relationship from here on.
I have my copy of Angel & Faith # 14.The conclusion of "United."

Overall I liked the issue.I'm sort of torn of the Fred/Illyria thing.This arc has really undone such a powerful part of season 5 of Angel by the resolution here.One the one hand,I can't lie and say it's not great to have Fred back but on the other hand,another dead character is back and one of the most powerful deaths of the verse has been undone IMO.I liked how the Fred/Illyria thing was handled in After The Fall because it didn't really bring Fred back.This runs over that.

So I'm really torn on this.As great as Fred is in this issue and as a character,I'm not sure it's worth it in the long run.We'll see how this plot continues.

I do hope word reaches Gunn and Spike.They deserve to know.I'm hoping Angel tells Spike when he crosses over in the next buffy arc.

I liked how the Koh plot was handled.Also love the Angel and Faith interaction.It truly feels liked they are 'United' again.

Also some nice teasing intrigued left with Nadira and Zane.

Looking forward to next issue trip to Irland.
faith in Angel actually this made me like Nadira more.

Buffyfanatic My issue with Fred's death story is that we're suppose d to believe the W&H doctors are totally correct. And as for what happened in After the Fall (los t my copies to the bedbugs years ago so can't check) well that wa s just another preceding event. This follows after.
This really felt like a proper Angel tv episode. This creative team seems to be hitting their stride.

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