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May 06 2015

Ratings for last night's Agents of SHIELD episode. The show got a 1.5/5 in the 18-49 demo. So pretty much the same as every other week.

Apply. Rinse. Repeat. :)

I do believe ABC announces their Renewal/Pilot/Cancellation plans next week? THAT'LL be some interesting discussion topic as it'll impact AoS / Agent Carter / Spin Off
...I've having Angel flashbacks. No matter where they moved that show, ratings always stayed the same.
NCIS New Orleans only had a 1.6 in the 18-49 demo (while the overall number of viewers remained WAY higher) that has to at least display that SHIELD is working in that timeslot just as much as any other show currently is.
No reason to try to justify AoS. It's doing great. Slam dunk to get renewed. Upfronts schedule next week has NBC going Monday morning with FOX in the afternoon, ABC on Tuesday morning, CBS, Wednesday morning and CW Thursday. We should know Fox's schedule by Sat or Sun and ABC's Sunday or Monday at the latest.
I didn't realise the upfronts were that soon.
You've been distracted, Simon. There's been a bit going on. :)
Yes. It seems like a lifetime since last week's episode.
So we will know the renewal and time slot by the time the finale airs. I'm more interested in the fate of Carter.
I have not watched Carter yet, but I've been meaning to. I'm rooting for it anyway since it's gotten a lot of love from folks over here.
TV By the Numbers gives Agent Carter a 45% chance of renewal. It gives Agents of SHIELD 95%.
Last year ABC announced renewals ahead of the upfront on Thurs/Fri so we could get confirmation as early as tomorrow. I really hope Agent Carter gets another season as well I love Peggy and Jarvis.
Like I said (is this thing on?), ABC should announce pick ups by Sunday-Monday at the latest. Timeslots might not be announced until Tuesday and are totally (and usually) subject to change before the Fall.
I'll take it.
There's a 100% chance of me being super sad if there isn't more Agent Carter.
I think they're starting to let the studios know.
Early news of upfronts has just started: iZombie is getting Season 2, Supergirl is officially going to series.

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