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May 06 2015

(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD's Art of Evolution: "S.O.S." (Part 1). Jeff Bell previews the finale with this first piece of art by Ryan Sook focusing on FitzSimmons. Another piece will be revealed tomorrow.

I love that poster so much, I want to buy it.
I was a fan of Ryan Sook's work on the old Buffy comics, so this is a real treat.
This is great. I've liked most of the series but this is the first piece I really love.
I just want to see Mr. Hyde. If the Flash can give us a Grodd, surely SHIELD can do Hyde. Right?
I think it depends on whether they are going full CGI or not. Grodd was full CGI and looked very iffy at times (although it was still awesome).

If Hyde is Kyle McLachlan + CGI, that might be really cool.
This has been a chronic issue I've had with the show, which I generally like quite a bit. They just don't do the "heroic" action well (the spy hand to hand stuff is much improved) but when Deathlok, Inhuman, or super-villain events take place they're average at best and sometimes downright embarrassing. The Afterlife location is a great example - all these Inhumans with their wonderous abilities, and it looks like the backlot from Dawson's Creek - there is nothing amazing or exotic about it. It should resemble the Star Wars cantina scene, not a Gap ad location

So count me in as someone who hopes we get a truly terrifying Mr Hyde, or see some until now hidden Inhumans with crazy powers appear to defend the city
Sometimes a two hour episode is done to save money (most likely less shooting days per hour which is where real savings can be found) and it's possible this savings was realized so that the $$ could be spent on effects. Complete conjecture on my part but it's a possible scenario.
I'd generally agree but the Inhumans being pretty underwhelming, but I think Gordon is the exception. His teleporting has been a consistently great effect, and they've used it to do a couple of cool scenes (his fight with Cal comes to mind, as does his flashback when he first transforms and can't control it).
OMG, Ryan Sook! The man's a genius. One of my absolute fave artists.

The Afterlife location... It should resemble the Star Wars cantina scene, not a Gap ad location

TallMichaelJ, io9 refers to Afterlife as the "Inhuman Day Spa," which I thought was hilariously on point.
Here is the thing - and the thing I think this show has done rather well - I can't decide who's side I am on. On one hand I believe the Inhumans are right to want to be left alone and that Indexing is morally wrong. On the other hand I love the SHEILD crew and understand their fear of the unknown and the responsibility they feel towards protecting regular people. Despite what Jiaying did, killing Gonzales, I understand why she did it. So, going into the finale, I am not sure who to root for.
Has anyone from outside the US (particularly Germany) bought one of these posters before? Because that's the only country they seem to be shipping to. Maybe I just need to find the appropriate shop but so far no luck. Thanks.

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