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May 06 2015

QMx is offering Firefly playing cards. They look pretty nice.

Ok, that is a new level of ridiculous when it comes to shipping to the UK! Its a pack of cards so guess how much to ship that small packet to the UK...go on, guess....nope, the cheapest option is $48.10!!!!!! Yes, seriously, check it out for yourself.
One really has to wonder at the justifcation for such high shipping costs, at least to places like the it VAT or import duties placed on any product similar to what could or is produced locally to protect British companies? Or is QMx doing something morally grey?
(Does anybody know whatever happened to the Lil Damn Heroes series? They previewed a Zoe but as far as I know it never got produced.)
It could be worse BlueEyedBrigadier, they could be charging $177 for FedEx International First.... on no, wait, they are!

They usually reply saying it is what they are charged by Fedex/whoever to ship but its by far the worst company for shipping charges from the US I have encountered which is a shame as there are a number of things i have been put off buying from them because of it. There are no vat charges for importing from overseas under 15 so nothing to do with that btw.
They are really cool looking. But 48.10 for shipping to the UK is nuts.

Has anyone ever made an official Tall Card set? I want a Tall Card game. And then there could be Tall Card tournaments! (For charity.)
I just got the cards today. It's a really great set. All of the cards are different, and they're very well made.

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