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May 07 2015

(SPOILER) Final Agents of SHIELD Season 2 "Art of Evolution". Artwork for "S.O.S." Part 2 and the usual interview with Jeff Bell over at EW.

That's a really nice poster. Dammit, all of them have been really nice posters and I want to get them all.

Ranked, I would say:
1) Fitz-Simmons horror comic cover
2) Jiaying's scars
3) Mockingbird
Yeah, if I had the money I totally would have bought the FitzSimmons cover if I had the money. They should do this for all of next season.
Wow! I'm reading the poster way too literally but what if Skye is the one to set off a terrigen bomb?
If so, I wonder how they'll do that without killing all non-Inhumans?
There must be a proximity thing because in the comics (yes, I'm that douchebag now) the mist doesn't have an adverse effect on regular human humans.
The Mist itself isn't causing an adverse effect on regular humans in the series. It's the metal of the Diviners, which they weren't able to separate out completely when they grew new Terrigen crystals, as Jiaying explained to Gonzales. The Terrigen bomb wasn't made from Diviners as far as we know.
It was the Diviner metal that killed Trip, not the mist? I think some bits did impale him.
Yep. After the Diviner opened, our Inhumans were already transforming leaving Trip unaffected (but freaking out) until the Diviner exploded. He looked down at the shards sticking out of him just before he died.
Yeah the regular Mist is harmless to us, the metal is fatal. Tripp thought Skye and Raina were killed so he kicked the Diviner out of frustration and bits of metal hit him, killing him. Jiaying's new crystals have metal mixed in them so they have the same danger if humans are close enough.

If the deathstone is really a Terrigen Bomb humans should be okay since it doesn't seem to be mixed with metal.
There we go. Diviner metal bad, terrigan mist fine. So as longer as humans aren't close enough for shrapnel they will be ok. Except for all the NuHumans (another nod to the comics where people like Skye who didn't grow up knowing they were Inhuman have adopted that label) running about. Is it Tuesday yet?

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