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May 07 2015

Marvel releases Captain America: Civil War synopsis and cast list. Find out what to expect in the post-Age of Ultron era.

I'm curious to what extent are we allowed to post Marvel related links now that Joss no longer works for them. Sypnosises and a trailer maybe(as long as it involves one of the actors Joss worked with?) I'm just a little fuzzy on how we will proceed from here? Will we post the trailer for Infinity War for instance?
It would be toned down a lot and would be on the same scale as we did for Thor 2 and Cap 2 (films featuring actors that have worked with Joss). I posted this cause I thought people might interested as Age of Ultron just came out.
Whoa!..William Hurt (“A History of Violence,” Marvel’s “The Incredible Hulk”) as General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross?

Is it churlish to ask, in a film with this large a cast, that we maybe please get a scene with him interacting with his longtime sparring partner, Colonel Talbot? Pretty please! (Since we'll probably never have a Hulk film with them..)

As for the site and Marvel postings, I find it difficult to believe that Joss will never have anything to do with Agents of SHIELD again, given his connections there. But time will tell I guess..
wooooowwwwwww. that cast list. I am so excited!! And yay for Daniel Brühl, that was unexpected. And Martin Freeman as well!!! 2016 come now!! :)
The cast looks awesome - let the countdown begin!
I wasn't a big fan of the Civil War comics. I'm curious as to how the storyline will develop. I hope their take on it is a good one.
Joss worked on Thor 2 and Cap 2. As much as I like Age of Ultron, it's nice to have this epoch in the rear-view mirror.
I'd be way more excited if Spider-Man was under complete control of Marvel.
I'll miss the Marvel talk around here - it was a brief shining moment of intersecting geekdom. Captain America looks to be amazing, although I fear it will play as more a Avengers 2.5 than a true solo movie

I do hope Joss dances on down to the occasional writer's room AOS meetings, if only to shout out preposterous, yet sublime, suggestions and then dance away again leaving the team furiously re-writing entire season arcs based on his musings
I do hope Joss dances on down to the occasional writer's room AOS meetings

Numfar, do the dance of new Joss episodes!

Sorry, it had to be said.
If anyone decides to make a sister site called Marvelesque, let me know. I would use it.
The Agents of SHIELD coverage will be the same. It's still a Mutant Enemy show with Joss input (haven't heard anything else to suggest otherwise).
It will be sad to put all the Marvel talk in the past, because, honestly, after 18 years, Buffy has been dissected, analyzed, and made into smoothies. It's really nice to talk about Joss's newer works. We have no idea when, or if, there will be new Joss creations.
@Nebula1400, I wouldn't fear new stuff to analyze/discuss. Joss is always up to something...and I bet he's SO excited to be creating his own properties again that we'll get a taste before too long.

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Apparently one of Feige's favorite moments from Age of Ultron was cut, and it will be redone in Civil War. So there's the connection this site needs for Cap 3 coverage.

But seriously, Avengers was the first Whedon project that I saw, so it may be to me an analog of what Buffy is to other users here. I've enjoyed the Christ out of everything else he's done, but Avengers is the definitive one for me. I'll miss getting to look forward to more of it.
I really hope Martin Freeman is playing the big bad for this movie. He's overdue for an awesome major villain role.
Too bad Benedict Cumberbatch won't be facing off against Martin Freeman.

If a segment of AOU as written by Joss, is incorporated into Civil War, that would be cool as a connection. It looks like AOS will have a strong connection to the next Cap movie, also.
As they say, "It's all connected." :)
Doesn't sound like a global terrigen bomb, so I'm not sure there's anything MAoS needs to tee up for Civil War. Frankly, I was hoping there'd be more of a connection (List and Maria Hill? Really?) than there was in AoU.
Who could Martin Freeman play? Perhaps a disgruntled employee Avengers Co.
Spider-Man. It's a bold choice.
So... this is Avengers 3, right? You're not fooling me, Marvel.
I guess Brühl and Freeman might turn out as the secret villains they don't yet want us to know about, or why are their roles not the description?
I'd be way more excited if Spider-Man was under complete control of Marvel.

Last February, Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios entered a quid pro quo deal where they shared the character. The new Spider-Man will be in "Civil War", they just haven't cast the actor yet.

And after AOU, I'm wary about "Captain America: Civil War" and "Infinity War". If Joss couldn't handle all the extra characters, I doubt the Russo Brothers will. It seems like everyday the cast for CA3 grows and I'm worried this will be AOU 2.0.
I would be annoyed if I was a Cap fan and wanted to see the movie primarily focus on his search for Bucky. This feels like Avengers: Civil War and should be labelled as such.
It was such a nice surprise that Winter Soldier turned out to be almost an Avengers 1.5/SHIELD movie that I'm fine with the overall franchise sorta cannibalizing another Cap movie to continue the stories of so many other Avengers characters. Especially given what a letdown much of "Age of Ultron" was for me, it's great that I only have to wait a year for another look at an Avengers flick. Much as I found the bulk of the first Cap to be better than expected (I never gravitated toward the character when I used to read Marvel comics on account of finding him a bore and being wary of potential rah-rah patriotism in the form of a superhero) and much as I love Chris Evans' work as this character, I wasn't interested in seeing three or more solo films about him.

Even though it's one of my two least-favorite MCU films, I'm happy to see The Incredible Hulk included in the extended franchise. Why waste that great supporting cast, right ?
I hope that Ant-Man's stinger shows him getting involved in Civil War somehow. Paul Rudd will likely have at least started filming by that point.

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