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May 07 2015

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter both renewed for the 2015-16 season. Happy days =). ETA: The spinoff is reportedly not going forward.

Oh didn't see the official SHIELD news. A mod can delete my link if they want.
Totally wasn't expecting Agent Carter... that's an awesome surprise. Love it!
I was pleasantly shocked as well about Agent Carter. I hope this makes it easier to sell season 1 overseas.
The ABC upfronts are Tuesday, so we would hear about it then if it's picked up for this season.

ETA: Well, maybe not if it's going to be a midseason show? Not sure how that works. Anyway, it wouldn't be on this renew/cancel list since it's new.

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More Agent Carter and an early renewal for Orphan Black in the same day, just what I needed after a terrible afternoon.
Really happy for Agents of Shield but I expected it due to the kind reassuring words of the Whedonesquers.

But for Peggy, Sousa and the gang it's all

*******NUMFAR DANCE OF JOY*************

A bit off topic but I was sad to see The Mindy Project was leaving us, that's a very talented lady there with a good ensemble. But YAY on the Marvel front! Two high quality shows coming back, that's just awesome.
Wow - wasn't particularly optimistic about Carter, especially when there were rumblings about a SHIELD spinoff, and the fact its ratings were tepid (shhhhh - don't tell Irrational I used the "R" word) :)

That said, I'm thrilled - still my favorite Marvel TV to date. It probably had the advantage because I love the setting/era, and it had the benefit of a condensed story. I like SHIELD, thought Daredevil was great - but if forced to choose just one it'd be AC

I hope this doesn't mean Hayley Atwell will not be in Philadelphia this weekend!

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Kudos to the MAoS folks - and an ecstatic "Hell yes!" on the Agent Carter front (after all this time with barely a peep I had assumed it was a lost cause. Sometimes I like being proven wrong.)

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Congrats to all involved.
@MrArg-The Mindy Project *might* be continuing on Hulu, and it seems likely from what I've heard.

Any word on the Lance/Bobbi show?
Awesome! Is this a single season order for AoS, or two seasons like some were predicting?
J. August was nice enough to spill the news on Facebook.
Assuming it's just one season. We should know the details like how many episodes/when it premieres next Tuesday during ABC's upfront presentation.
"Galavant" came back? Wow, how did that happen?
I just saw Tim Omundson, two months ago, mixing drinks,
He said he was just staying in practice for the inevitable return to his first career when the show went bye bye.
I don't care about Agents of SHIELD, but yay Agent Carter!
Thanks. Added that to the entry.
You're welcome.
Great news!

Also, Nathan Fillion's "Castle" was renewed for another season.

I'm not that broken up about the spinoff not going forward. I'd kind of rather see those characters stay on AoS.
Agent Carter is renewed! Agent Carter is renewed! Oh my god, I was so afraid this wouldn't happen. I mean, I knew Agents of Shield was fine, and I like that show, and I'm glad it's back. But I adore Agent Carter. *does the dance of joy*
Really good news tonight. Takes the edge off!
Woohoo!! Did I mention, "Woohoo!"
Sorry, I always do that when I'm happy.
Did I mention, "Woohoo!!"
Silly me.
Excellent news!
And there was much rejoicing. On all fronts.
Absolutely fantastic news! I didn't know i I should dare hope for AC or not. Am soooo happy, I love AoS but that was safe. The excitement I feel about AC is just on a whole other level. That show rocked! Or rocks, rather :-)
This makes a lovely change from the Angel & Dollhouse renewal angst that the fans had to endure.
Awesome. Now if Joss Whedon would write two episodes or something for AoS NeXT year that would be cool. I might be misremembering, but wasn't there some talk about that being a possibility?
Great news, and I'm happy there won't be a spin-off, it's a lot better if they stay focused on AoS.
Yay for both series!
A third season usually means a fourth season under the old rules of tv in terms of syndication. Does that still apply?
I'm so excited about this even though I didn't watch Agent Carter. Will definitely catch up on it before s2, though.

@alber I don't know if there was talk of that but I agree. I would love it if Joss came in and wrote and least one.
Yay! And when you get to season 3, it makes you more likely to go on to season 4 or 5 to reach syndication.

Hopefully Agent Carter comes to the UK now too.
Great news on all fronts... I thought a SHIELD spin-off was a terrible idea. It's really not strong enough to split itself up like that, and the show benefited greatly from adding Bobbi and Lance this year. And almost benefited from adding Mack, but they screwed up his character seemingly beyond repair after the break.

With Agent Carter, I wish they'd go ahead and time-jump to after the One Shot and show the early days of SHIELD, but it's still great news. I'd watch Hayley Atwell read the phone book. This is better.
A third season usually means a fourth season under the old rules of tv in terms of syndication. Does that still apply?

Well, it did until yesterday when Fox broke the rule with "The Mindy Project." But that show is owned by Universal, not Fox, so Fox didn't have much reason to care about syndication. Also, it was getting really dreadful numbers. Like, Glee-final-season numbers. Universal will be taking it elsewhere to top it up for syndication purposes.

AoS has way higher ratings than that show, though, and it is owned (partly) by ABC. So yes, this pretty much certainly guarantees a fourth season.
Since the SHIELD spinoff didn't go forward, hopefully Bobbi and Hunter will stay on AoS. They're the BEST and I didn't want the show to lose them.
I'm glad to see both of the shows are coming back.

As for the spinoff, I really hope this means Bobbi and Hunter will be sticking around.
Great news, and I also hope Bobbi and Hunter stick around- they are great additions. Count me among those mourning the loss of Mack- I really liked his character. Maybe they can figure out a way to bring him back in.
I wouldn't count Mack out of the story just yet.

His resignation may have been designed to set up his moving over to the Mockingbird/Hunter spinoff... but since that's not happening, I think they'll find another direction to take him on AoS.

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So..we really are back to One SHIELD with a board over the director.
It depends on what happens to SHIELD in the wake of AoU. Especially what Fury decides to do next and how that affects Coulson's role.

Unfortunately, I doubt the show has the budget for a helicarrier.
Mack can easily come back - it's feasible. People change their minds. Maybe Fitz and Hunter pay him a visit first ep next year.

I'm working at Philly Wizard Con tomorrow for a friend. If I can, I'm trying to get into Hayley Atwell's panel. She's getting big crowds in other cities so I could be shut out. But if I do I'll share tidbits on twitter with same handle using #AgentCarter or in threads where appropriate.

I imagine she's a in a good mood!

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I wonder if it was the fans' enthusiastic response to AC... and more tepid response to the spinoff... that got AC renewed.

I hope we get to see more of Zola next season!

I also hope we get lots of nice subtext of Peggy and Angie in their cuddly little Boston marriage.
Yay Peggy! Nothing like unexpected good news!
(Happy about SHIELD, too, though.)
The first Whedon show to have a third season in 14 years. Awesome.

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So I assume when the time comes we can set aside another thread for Agent Carter next year like we did before?
I was talking to a friend who works at ABC last night right before the announcement and she was surprised I was concerned about Agent Carter. So it must not have been a last minute decision. I'm really happy how it all worked out.

I think the syndication hurdle is definitely still a thing but it is becoming less important as more shows are licensed for streaming services that effectively serve as the syndication window. Especially for serialized versus procedural shows. A show like Castle is much easier to sell into syndication than a show like SHIELD. Even without that, SHIELD should see yet another season as long as it continues to sell so very well overseas and have that wonderful corporate synergy.
The magic number for syndication at least has been 100 episodes, but between Marvel and Disney, I suppose they can do whatever and still make money.

But great news in any case!
Anything north of 80 these days, Shapenew. Sometimes even lower.
[...] It's really not strong enough to split itself up like that, and the show benefited greatly from adding Bobbi and Lance this year.

Amen to that. Imo one of MAoS's biggest weaknesses is its tendency to focus on static characters (since that's kind of the point) and Bobbi & Co. were a nice break from that come the start of the 2nd season (in truth, it's what's kept me watching.)

And fingers crossed on the Mack front (imo the Gentle Giant is a woefully underused trope in tv land these days.)
This is a little OT, but speaking of "corporate synergy," I have to say that I'm really enjoying this big Marvel universe. I've been hearing a lot about "Marvel burnout" and a lot of complaints about how the need to tie into the bigger universe damages individual movies, but for me the whole universe-building thing makes the movies (and shows) more fun. I've never been a reader of superhero comics, so this interconnected world is all new to me and very amusing, even if the individual entries aren't my all-time favorites and if the pieces don't all fit together perfectly. (Someone on twitter said something about how while watching the grim Daredevil they had to remind themselves that somewhere in space a baby tree was dancing to the Jackson 5.)

I'm glad that Joss is getting away from Marvel, because I think he has unique ideas for his own worlds that I would like to see, and I certainly don't love any Marvel product as much as I love his earlier shows. But I still get a big kick out of this interconnected comic-book universe. So, yeah. Keep 'em coming!
My guess is that years from now they're gonna be talking about what marvel did with the MCU. For me it's nothing short of miraculous. I expect a decline to happen, but how soon is hard to tell. My main disappointment is that we never got to see the Edgar Wright directed Ant-Man.
@hann23: I will be @ the Philly Comic Con to see Hayley Atwell tomorrow, as well. Among the things that seem real miscalculations on the part of Wizard World, is where they have her autograph line situated, and how little room there is for people to stand on line. Not that I'm going to complain about what they are charging for her autographs and photo ops, because they're already gouging people for every penny, and their first-born grandchildren, but she is worth a lot more than the male actors who are going to get more money.

I'm going to try to be near the beginning of the line for that, but I can't seem to convince my son that we have to be on line at least 2 hours before her panel. I kind of wish people wouldn't go with me to these things! 😡🎭
Awesome news!

Though I hope Agent Carter improves a lot. I really wasn't feeling it which was weird seeing as it got showered with so much praise.
I wonder if there's any chance that they'd bring Emily Van Camp over to Agents of SHIELD. Her show (which was also on ABC) is ending, and Civil War will be her second MCU appearance. If Agents of SHIELD is going to be tying in to Civil War, I think she'd be in a prime position to be part of that crossover.
I can see Emily Van Camp's character in an arc but that's as far as I would go.
I'd love to see Emily on AoS, but I agree with JDL that she won't become a regular. Maybe she'll be there to set up Civil War and maybe a bit afterwards.
I want Ron Glass back. Did he even survive Hydra? Was he Hydra? I don't know, and I want to.
Woo boy, I am SO happy about Agent Carter! I was bouncing about for hours after hearing the news!
I agree. More Ron Glass makes everything better.
I'm in the panel room for Hayley Atwell at Philly Wizard Con starts at 2:30 EDST.
I'll bet Peggy's cameo in AoU didn't hurt her show's chances.
Hayley Atwell is a delight - funny intelligent but strong and has embraced what a role that has become symbolic for many women and she hopes men too!!!

She participates in the writers room, costumes etc.

Such a great vibe here.
Hayley is my favorite actress in this universe. She's a great charismatic actress who brings alot of warmth to her role. Hayley just totally owns her role.
Hayley Atwell was fantastic in the panel in Philly. I think they tremendously underestimated how popular she would be here. There was no way that small space was going to accommodate her autograph line.
Fantastic news! Yay!
Oh I didn't get over there @Nebula1400 but that's awesome. She rocked the quite crowded room- she really is amazing.
I didn't get an autograph, because I honestly don't know what to do with it when I get one, but I saw the autograph line before her panel, and the only one bigger was for David Tennant and Billie Piper.
@ AndrewCrossett - I suspect Ms. Atwell's appearance in Age of Ultron signaled her show's chances. Or, possibly, a decision that was made months ago that we weren't privy to.

Anyway, BRB, doing a happy dance!

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