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May 08 2015

Lucasfilm Story Group courting Whedon? According to Latino Review,Lucasfilm is interested in bringing Joss Whedon into the Star Wars Universe.

Well, duh.
Already deleted today.
Before this goes, nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Already deleted today."

Why, may I ask? Whedonesque has covered rumors like this in the past, and Latino Review has a decent track record with their scoops.

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This one is fine. The other Star Wars rumour floating around today was based on a deliberate lie which is why it got deleted.
It's possible whatever they want him for is far enough in the future that he'll have to time to creatively recharge with an original project or two.
A Joss Star Wars story? How about a lovable smuggler with a beat up old ship,that has lots of places to hide people and cargo, takes on board a brother and sister that are trying to hide from an oppressive government after the brother rescues her from a secure government facility...
Jjsquid, that sounds terrific! I hear FOX would be interested.
As someone who never liked Star Wars, I would much rather have Joss do his own thing.
As someone who always liked Star Wars, I would much rather have Joss do his own thing.
It would be like a boyhood dream to do a Star Wars film so if Joss was offered it, I'd be like "go you". One of the anthology movies sounds really good.
I'm waiting to see how the new movie is before I decide how I feel about a Joss Star Wars movie.

But come on. Joss is being wooed by Star Wars. This is fantastic for him, if true. No matter what he decides.
Mara Jade Skywalker before she met Luke. When she was The Emperor's Hand. About as strong a female character as one could find. Bonus: Darth Vader is a part of that story.
It could be they'll let Joss have his own corner of the Star Wars universe in which to create original characters he'll make us love and then brutally kill off. ;)
Yeah uh, Mara Jade doesn't exist anymore.
I highly doubt Joss will jump back into another Disney-owned franchise/universe right now. He has expressed numerous times recently that he wants to get back to creating his own universes (which I support 100%).
Perhaps part of any Star Wars deal he accepts involves Disney footing the bill for his next original project(s).
1. Disney's canon will be forking off without the expanded universe, so Mara Jade is pretty much out of the question.
2. As much as I'd love to see a Joss take on Star Wars, if such a thing were to delay Dr. Horrible 2 any further, It'd better be a Star Wars musical.
3. Whatever happens, I just hope Joss gets enough rest and time to his own thoughts before he gets swept up in anything heavy.
GreatMuppetyOdin - How fantastic would a Joss written Star Wars musical be?!? I just think its great that he'd be considered to be a part of Star Wars. However I am looking forward to some pure Joss material now.
For the record, while the EU is no longer any sort of canon, it is still available for Lucasfilm to mine or ignore as they see fit. If they want to make movies about MJ, they can.
I can sort of picture Joss having maybe just gone, "Phew, glad I did it, but yay no more being boxed in by franchise restrictions!" And then being courted by Star Wars making his head explode.
One more gig for the Disney machine, on one of the most beloved sci-fi franchises ever? Play in that sandbox with those toys, then have a blank creative check to do just about anything he wants for the rest of his career ("From the creator of Avengers and Star Wars.." Good Lord)? Gotta be tempting. And while he's exhausted, so was Abrams, coming off Star Trek Into Darkness, when he first said no. Then he thought about it, and here we are. Now, I think Joss has a deeper artistic sentiment (and talent) than JJ (although I am a fan of a lot of JJ product--but it always feels a little more like product), but I'll bet this opportunity would have the same catnip effect. But if they're trying to slam him into Trank's chair to keep a looming release date, I suspect he'd say no. Although I say that not knowing what that release date was supposed to be.
The release date was supposed to be 2018 for the second anthology film.

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I'm not interested. I am also not Joss. Man, it must be tiresome to be that talented and sought out. Awesome too, but I wonder how the guy finds time to to relax at all.

Maybe he should go and Stay at a Cabin in the woods with no wiffy for a while.
If they ask him, I hope he says no.

I don't want Joss to be an old man before he gets a chance to tell his own stories and build his own worlds again. It's time for him to take a break from the Corporate Blockbuster Machine and tell a story that's his, not Disney's.
Geeze, I grew up with Star Wars. I mean, my parents met because of Star Wars. I deny the prequels' existence for various reasons and can argue with length about how they're not cannon.

I love Joss's work. He's a huge inspiration to me, but I'll probably love Buffy more than Avengers even though I am a comic nerd. I went through high school watching Buffy; Buffy's character was just two years older than me when I started watching it so it was as if we were growing up together.

I wanted him to do original projects (or just write an arch of either Buffy or Angel and Faith) after "Avengers".

Yet . . . Joss and Star Wars . . . I'd love to see this happen; even though Firefly was sort of The Han Solo Show.
I think Joss should do Star Wars only if Joss wants to do Star Wars, and not because other people want/don't want him to do Star Wars.
So after Lucas and Abrams ran STAR WARS into the ground, Joss would have to save it ? Tall order. I wouldnt touch that if I were him.

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Disney is smart - they want to find a way to keep him in house. ANYTHING he makes outside of Disney is competition.

They just may offer to back whatever he has in mind next as long as he runs a Stars Wars project. Heh, someday maybe we will get a Joss land at Disney World.

This is my guess. I was tied up in Agent Carter fun yesterday and missed this.

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They just may offer to back whatever he has in mind next as long as he runs a Stars Wars project.

I think he's already earned that automatic green light.

I just can't stand the thought of Joss signing on to spend yet another 2-3 years of the prime of his career inside the corporate soul-crushing machine, slaving away on someone else's properties instead of his own.

I'm sure there are many other good directors who could turn out wonderful Star Wars movies.
My first thought was that Joss really shouldn't need to work on another huge franchise to convince studios to back his original ideas. I'd hope he's at a stage in his career when his projects can be an end in themselves, rather than a means to another end.

That said, if he wants to do Star Wars, then all the power to him. I'm just praying for something original next.
Oh I don't think Disney wants to crush his soul, I think that they want to keep him & whatever he does in their blanket fort.

I'm thinking that he might be curious about a Star Wars TV series on ABC and then I'm wishing for Doctor Horrible 2: The Ballet fronted by Disney on Broadway.

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Didn't Joss work for Disney years ago so he could write musicals? Well. Disney's move?
I was unaware that Abrams had run Star Wars into the ground. Unless I'm somehow posting this from the past and you all live in the future?

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