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May 08 2015

David Boreanaz's 'Bones' renewed for Season 11. It will also have new showrunners.

Glad to see it renewed.Still watch and enjoy the show.
Wow that show is still going. I stopped watching a few years ago (I think there may have been more seasons that I haven't watched than ones that I did watch now) so it naturally seems totally wild to me that they still manage to keep this going. Good for them!

It's times like these when I think back and ponder "what if Angel had gotten a sixth season? *cue tears*" ...
It's amazing to think that DB has played Booth longer then he has played Angel now.

Last night's episodes were really good by the way.Especially the second one.

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I'm bemused tbh. I've watched a few episodes here and there and have never seen anything special in it at all. I find 'Bones' really wooden and think the two of them lack onscreen chemistry. Eleven seasons, wow, I must be missing something.
I loved that show for several years. It was always the only crime show I could stand because it treated victims and the people they left behind with genuine compassion. It had the best fake science I have seen on tv. It was artful in how it blended real science with pretty tv science. I didn't like the way it was going after awhile and stopped watching, but I still think of Temperance as a legit hero and role model. So I'm happy it's still going on.
11 seasons? Damn. I feel old. Only seen one episode of this ever. Can't believe it outlived Angel twice over.
Wow, that's kinda odd. A lot of people connected to the show made it pretty clear that season 10 was going to be the last one, back when they were negotiating renewal last year. Moreover, having watched EVERY EPISODE thus far, I have to kinda agree with that sentiment. They still do good episodes, but recent seasons have been growing a bit tiresome. I think it might be time for everyone to move on to new things. But hey, season 11, so we'll see I guess.
I watched Bones for a few seasons. Then in the middle of one episode - around season 5, I want to say - I got tired of their depiction of religion, and then I realized I hadn't really been enjoying the show as a whole for a while. So I quit. But it had good stuff in it, and while eleven years is a long time, I'm not really that surprised.
I've watched from the beginning and realised that all my dvd box sets have in common is David Boreanez: BtVS,Angel and Bones, LOL. I also thought the show started out a procedural bore, but it got better when Cam arrived and its refreshingly bright, both in characters and scenery. I also watch Criminal Minds, but boy is it gloom and doom when compared to Bones. Its so much fun to try to figure out the murderer in every episode, my theory is it's whoever is the most recognizable guest star.
Pamy, I also always suspect the actor I recognize from somewhere :D :D
Rachelkachel, my wife or I could have written the same as you. Agreed.

Plus, the writers absolutely completely lost their way once Booth and Bones became a couple. Both have really grown to be insufferable, unlikable characters. She had a promise of growth, but they abandoned that thread. And his character simply changes from season to season, very little center, apart from being a jerk to everyone.

Castle is a better study in how to handle the main characters pairing. They didn't fall under the "Cheers" curse. But maybe the secret is having Nathan Fillion.
filops Nathan Fillion is the secret to everything, including life and the universe.

I caught the end of one of the earliest episodes last night, and shook my head at how much things had changed. I quit watching when Booth & Bones became a couple and had their baby because things just got so unbearable. She's, if possible, more clueless now than she was 10 years ago. She says some of the most stupid things - by now she should know what "a hole in one" is, or what Twitter is - she doesn't live in some remote village.

Zack being evil but not really but still staying in jail, Hodgins losing all his money, and the rotating interns were all "WTF?" subplots.

Oh well. Some people still watch it, so my opinion doesn't really matter.

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