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"'How have you been?' 'Rat. You?' 'Dead.' 'Oh.'"
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May 08 2015

17 ways Joss Whedon subverts Marvel and the Avengers in Age of Ultron. "The hallmark of any Joss Whedon joint, besides his usual lively ensemble banter, is the self-aware winks embedded within."

There is beauty in the way he sets up things to happen, either through an explicit set-up or through established tropes, and then either has them pay off or subverts them. There were a couple hints that Hawkeye might die, most notably the moment when someone was basically saying "we all might not make it" and showed Hawkeye looking at a picture of his family.

The Cabin in the Woods was especially good at making the set up and then either pay off or subvert it.

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