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May 08 2015

How well do you remember the intro to Buffy The Vampire Slayer? Featuring the best poll choices ever.

Haha, wow! I really didn't remember the opening theme as well as I thought I did!

That was hilarious.
I'm happy to say I couldn't answer a single one of those.
First thing I did after waking up and 5/10, not bad.
Hey, I got 8 out of 10! Not bad since I just guessed on those Daaaaaa! ones.
Yeah, they lost me on the Naaa Naaa Naas. But this is indeed the best poll ever...
4 out of 10!
I have no idea about the sound ones.
6/10! Better than I thought.
Waaahooo! 7/10 & a bunch of weird looks as I tried to piece the song together!
I disagree with this poll. We all know the lyrics go "Traaaaaaactor for saaaaaale...".
4 out of 10
I hated Buzzfeed already, and after reading that I hate them even more.
7 out of 10, mainly because I have Tony's version of the voice-over memorized, and my version of the theme song is a later one, so I missed a few "nah naaahs".
That got a chuckle out of me.
When my computer boots up it plays the Buffy theme song; when it shuts down it has Giles stating the Chosen one's responsibilities. Yet, I only received 5 of 10 on the quiz. LOL

Got 8 out of 10. I laughed so hard once I realized what the hell they were on about with those Naah Nahs. :D

Though the last one is a freebie basically.
6/10 ... got a bit lost in the middle.
One of the few Yankee onomatopoeias I remember is "Bada Bing, Bada Beakman".
My how I miss "naaaaa, nah, nah, naaaaaaa, ner naaaaaa, nah, nah, naaaaaaa..."
I did not expect this to be so difficult XD 6/10, and I feel 3 out of those were pure luck
7/10. I vocalize differently than they do - I felt like they left some syllables out, and I don't think they had the screech that is brilliantly timed with the cat jumping out of the trunk.

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