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May 10 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron tops North American box offfice for the second weekend. The Avengers sequel took $77.2 million this weekend. So far the movie has made $875.3 million worldwide.

So much for all the Black Widow controversy impacting ticket sales. Will probably reach a Billion in a week or so and seems likely to ensure Joss will have helmed 2 of the top 5 grossing movies OF ALL TIME

That's nice resume material ....
And this is why Disney wants to keep him close.
Disney needs to finance some of his own creations.
Joss Whedon, a guy who made cult tv, has become the guy Disney wants to direct big movies.

I didn't see this coming when I saw Prophecy Girl in 1997. I mean, it was the best thing I had ever seen, but I didn't think that its "descendants" would be giant, amazing movies, that made obscene amounts of cash.
If he makes a deal with Disney, it should include every other project being a unique project entirely of his creative vision.
Agreed, PaperSpock.
We're looking at a domestic finish around $440-460m. (I'm basing that on the fact Age of Ultron's daily grosses are generally 6-7% higher than Iron Man 3's -- if that holds till the end of its run, it'll finish with $445m.)

Worldwide is harder to say. It depends on whether China explodes a la Furious 7 or is closer to Iron Man 3's $121m.

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Having just seen it for the third time, I wanted to say that in my opinion in improves with repeated viewing. I think the first time I was too overwhelmed by how much was going on and how densely packed it is; plus, sometimes one has to get one's own imaginings out of the way before one can see what is really in front of one. On the second viewing I could absorb more, grok more of the structure; on the third viewing I began to appreciate lots of subtleties I didn't get the first two times--such as subtleties of Spader's Ultron and more of nuances of the writing. The characters seem more consistently-voiced and their interactions seem more charming each time I see it (so far). Like a lot of art, it has to be chewed on a bit to get the full value--at least, that's how it is working for me. So glad Joss set the bar so high with these first two Avengers movies; I hope the later entries in the franchise can follow his lead.

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I saw it myself this weekend, really enjoyed it and it got a good response from people in the theater.

Black Widow controversy...LOL. Mountains out of mole hills
I chucked in my second viewing a few hours ago; agreed with barzai, it improves on repeat screenings. Was pretty overwhelming the first time through, and even seemed a little disjointed here and there. Second time it flows pretty darn smoothly, and that is really saying something with the amount of characters he's juggling. Even the Thor stuff that's been ridiculed and wasn't Joss' favorite seemed OK.
Oh and let me be far from the first person around here to say that Black Widow controversy is such a steaming pile of nothingness that I hope I never hear of it again.
I just got back from seeing Avengers 2 at a drive-in. (First time in 36 years, since Mad Max in 1979) I had no idea there were any still open around here, until Siri told me. They were playing a 35 mm film print. I had no idea any of those were around for AoU either. Definitely a time warp experience.
Hah! I watched it at the drive-in Saturday night... but I think ours has all new digital projectors.
I am also another one agreeing that repeat viewings make this movie even better. Everything made more sense. Emotional ties were stronger. And I loved my son's reactions to everything as well.

I need to see this at least a 3rd time.

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