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May 10 2015

(SPOILER) Five sneaky hints about the 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' season 2 finale. Some rather interesting points come up.

I'm betting the change at the end of the "subtle and sinister" arc refers to Simmons. :(
An answer to an old mystery.

Perhaps we will finally discover what happened to Buddy.
Is Buddy the dog Ward was ordered to shoot? If so, that's exactly what I was thinking.

And, actually, PaperSpock *also* said what I was thinking!
Yeah... I'm afraid the line “You and I will never speak to each other again" will be spoken by Fitz to Simmons.

But we definitely get to see Mr. Hyde in all his glory... which will be cool.
Seeing a full blown Mr Hyde would be awesome. Also, with no spin off I have to imagine the cast needs to be culled down. My guess is while Mack makes an appearance, he doesn't return. I think Agent 33 is expendable ..... and Simmons. I think this is where sweet Simmons goes over the edge and does something that removes her from the show equation

Alternative to "You and I will never speak ..." Skye to her mom after discovering her manipulations
The "subtle & sinister" thing can refer to Simmons going dark. But the possibility of Simmons or even Bobbi being made compliant by Whitehall is still something that could surface. Whatever happens I fear for Simmons.
I don't think either Bobbi or Simmons are "compliant." If Bobbi was brainwashed they wouldn't have had to kidnap her, and if Simmons was she wouldn't have tried to kill Ward.

(If they were only loyal to Whitehall and/or his superiors, then it's moot... Hydra is wiped out.)

Skye needs to be careful of that hula doll.

And I think Ward and 33 both die this week... but it would be unlike a Whedon show to just give us dead villains and no dead heroes.
Unless Bobbi or Jemma are sleeper agents and they need a word or phrase to activate the programming.
But Ward is the only one I can think of who might know that word or phrase... and if he did, I think he would have used it on Bobbi rather than blasting away at her with an icer, or on Simmons when she tried to kill him.

(Unless "I'm disappointed in you" WAS the trigger phrase, and she's been Ward's puppet ever since...)
@TallMichaelJ -- The "You and I will never speak" line definitely sounded to me like something Skye would say. I also thought it would be her speaking to her mother.
What if we're totally misinterpreting it. Like, what if it's two characters who are about to lose their vocal cords talking about it?
Exposure to Stark's midnight oil in low dosages could cause that.

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