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May 11 2015

Meet the crack team that designed the technology in Age of Ultron. This is an incredibly interesting Gizmodo feature on the rationale for the screens and interfaces used in the Avengers sequel. Did you realise that each character had their own colour palette?

Cool . . . .
In 2003, I had a customer throw a temper tantrum, because I couldn't build him the Minority Report UX in a few weeks time. Now, I think, "Can my very own murderbot be more than a few months away?" Maybe it's time to give him a call.
Bwu Ha Ha Ha!
Are there spoilers in this article? I MUST see AoU very soon - avoiding spoilers is making me crazy. I'm aiming at this weekend...
Yes, you may assume that any Age of Ultron article will have spoilers in it.

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