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May 11 2015

(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD cements its right to exist in Season 2 finale. Very positive preview of tomorrow's finale from Forbes. They say it's more like a 2-hour movie than two episodes.

Only read the first few paragraphs to avoid spoilers but it got me excited.
Skimmed the rest and not really spoliery but better safe than sorry
Wow. How can it live up to that? So excited!
Very bummed I'll be out of town for work tomorrow night, so will miss my usual routine of watching with my son. I DID however schedule my flight so I'd be at my hotel in time to watch it live - LOL. I like the fact that in a scoop/spoiler world there may be some surprises no one sees coming
My kids are pumped, as am I (although I thought by the end of the first hour of the first season the show had justified its existence just fine by me). Sounds like Jed and Mo cooked up a doozy for us, can't wait! I did not note any particular spoilers in the article FYI.
I've got my Nielsen Diary right here, ready to go. :-)

Glad to hear this year's awesome finale won't rely as much on playing off the movies as last year's awesome finale did.
So this is the great Marvel movie we didn't know to expect! Can't wait!

ETA: there aren't any spoilers in it.

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The fiance and I are having a friend over for the finale and enjoying prosciutto and mozzarella sandwiches with just a touch of pesto aioli. Can't wait!
But is it buffalo mozzarella?
Is there any other kind?
Must find a vegan version.

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