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May 11 2015

Morena Baccarin promoted to series regular on Gotham. Everything's coming up Morena!

This presents something of a weird situation: Barbara Keane, who becomes Barbara Gordon, mother of Batgirl in the comics, has turned into a psycho.

So either two things happen: either they ignore the comics completely and Jim Gordon ends up marrying someone else (and just happens to name his daughter after his crazy ex-fiance) or he somehow forgives Barbara for trying to kill his girlfriend and then marries her and has a daughter., Gotham kind of sucks. I mean, Morena Baccarin and Donal Logue and that guy who plays the Penguin are the best parts about it, but everything else is just weird and inconsistent.
Yeah, it's almost like they're putting their own spin on it instead of just copying exactly what was in the comics.
Or, something could happen between him and Leslie and he could meet another woman called Barbara that he marries. Because we know there's only one version of any story in DC comics.
There are multiple origins for Barbara Gordon (Batgirl). In some, she is Jim Gordon's biological niece, adopted after her parents die.

As for Morena, strange that she will be working on two different comic-book series (Gotham and Deadpool), one in the DC world and one in Marvel's...
I'm sure she'll be excellent, but I wish she would get involved in something I actually want to watch. :-(
I don't think Barbara Keane is scheduled to be Batgirl's mom in this continuity. In fact, I'm not sure Barbara Gordon is ever going to be a part of this show.

(If Jim married Leslie, I don't think she'd be down with naming their daughter after his psychotic ex-girlfriend who tried to kill her.)

I still haven't abandoned my wacky theory that Barbara becomes Gotham's version of Harley Quinn.

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Nice theory although that would certainly be a strange age consistency thing, since she's got a decade on the Joker. Personally I liked the arc of her character, as it was meant to surprise and it did. And of course having more Morena in anything is delightful. I find that Gotham is enjoyable if one likes the genre and enters the proceedings with very, very modest expectations.
I really love Gotham. It's its own thing.

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