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May 11 2015

Helen Cho, Age of Ultron, and representation feels. A writer at The Toast talks about why the character of Helen Cho mattered so much.

Agreed with the writer. Thanks for posting this.
I'm not Korean, but I am Asian, and I am not sure I wasn't the one who wrote this article, I just have exactly the same feelings. I got very emotional whenever something happened to her and I might've gotten shushed when I pitched a keen once when she was in grave danger. For someone with so little screen time, she super important to me.

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Same here. I'm part Filipino, and I could have written this, too. The importance of her small-yet-pivotal role was not lost on me.
I think that's one reason I love May on AoS: she's the most kickass character on the show, and she happens not only to be Asian, but an older woman. One might argue that her fighting skills are a "martial arts Asian/ninja" stereotype, but in a show where they all know how to fight, I think her being a high caliber agent is more her defining attribute, and she just happens to be Asian.

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