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May 12 2015

ABC's schedule for the 2015-2016 season. Agents of SHIELD stays on the same night and time, while Agent Carter is once again held for midseason. Synposes for the new seasons can be found here. Related, here's a short explanation as to why the Mockingbird & Hunter spinoff isn't happening (or maybe it could?)

I do think they made a smart move opening Tuesdays with The Muppets. It has automatic buzz and a fanbase so it makes sense for it to kick start a weaker night for them.
So does the logline for Agent Carter mean we won't be keeping any of the other supporting cast, except for maybe Jarvis? Really my question is "What about Enver??"
And what about Angie? :-(

Jarvis is a married man, he can't just pick up and move to LA.

I dunno... I'll have to trust they know what they're doing. We'll see Howard Stark again, I'm sure.
Yay for consistency. I'll be watching only 4 shows on ABC next season. Same as this year. I'm sure more info will come out of the upfront presentation later today before people start picnicking about casting. Maybe waiting a few hours might be prudent.
I'm wondering if they're going to do kind of a Mad Men thing with her -- pop in with her in different years and, I guess, different places.
Daniel Sousa needs to transfer, too. Never deserves more work!

I'm sure most of us will love it.
It seems Agent Carter and the Spin-off was an either/or decision. Not surprising. No details given on the John Ridley Marvel show other than it is in development.
O my god, a new marvel series by John Ridley! Anyone know the current wisdom on which character(s) it will have?
The last rumor/wild speculation I saw said it was Ms. Marvel, Squishy. Take that with a mountain of salt.
Thanks to whoever added the other two links at the top there. But I think the spin-off is dead at least in the immediate future. Outside of Tuesday and Sunday ABC knows it is pretty stable right now and whatever John Ridley is doing will get priority from ABC and Marvel.

Lee's just saying it could still happen one day because Marvel is such a big franchise. The CW head said something similar after rejecting a backdoor pilot for Supernatural.

SHIELD still has potential to spawn something else but at the moment all creative energy is going to the original. And then we'll have to see what this JR show is about to see if/how it'd connect.
I think that we will see the supporting cast again on Agent Carter. Some of them are busy - so maybe not as much. I do hope that we keep Enver and Angie.

And yeah on a John Ridley Marvel series! Oh I am keeping fingers and toes crossed for Ms. Marvel.
The Ridley show could be over a year or 2 down the road too (in development can by YEARS). He will be busy with American Crime since that surprisingly got picked up for another season. Seems like ABC Studios just wants to keep Ridley in house (makes sense) and I doubt there is any time frame put on his Marvel show in development.

The only new show on their schedule I might watch is the new Shonda show. The rest I'll pass on.
I have 1 new show I'll try, how can you say no to Kermit? ;)
That Muppets trailer is sooo good!
From the sound of it (and the link that was merged with this thread... thank you, dear mod), the AOS spin-off is still a possibility. Maybe after tonight they will reveal more.
Yeah Kermit may make me add a 2nd show but I'll wait for reviews. It takes a lot to get me to watch a network comedy no matter how much of my childhood is involved. :)
Thanks for the Intel, irrationalitv! Ms. Marvel meaning the new series about the young teen? Or the Carol Danvers Ms. Marvel (NKA Captain Marvel)?

[ edited by Squishy on 2015-05-12 21:30 ]
Definitely Kamala Khan. Carol is getting a movie!
I just can't see doing a Kamala series before Carol gets her movie. They'd have to really painfully draw out Kamala's story of identification with Carol until Carol actually shows up. Sounds terribly awkward and unfortunate given how much she's tied to her love of Captain Marvel. I still just don't buy that the mystery project is Kamala.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2015-05-12 21:42 ]
Your skepticism is probably on the money, b!X. Still, a girl can dream. :)
“SHIELD” has been a solid performer for ABC in ratings, and the eight episodes of “Agent Carter” did decently bridging the gap in its limited run.

There we go. Picnic status set to light snacks and beverages.
Yeah!!! Pretzels and apple juice all around.

And I actually want to watch American Crime. The writers were on NPR and the story sounded fascinating. Now I have a reason!

[ edited by hann23 on 2015-05-12 22:04 ]
So... The Muppets, Fuller House, Heroes Reborn, X-Files, Digimon Adventure Tri, Dragonball, The Incredibles 2, possibly Twin Peaks...the TV and film companies don't want us to grow up!

[ edited by Dusk on 2015-05-12 22:11 ]
Seems there's little room in entertainment for creative thinkers. Enjoy what we have now, before they reach into the 1970's to find their next great hit.
Also, might Ridley's approach be a tad dark for Kamala? How about Moon Knight? Or the Punisher?
Cashing in on nostalgia works though so I can't blame companies for dong this. The internet broke when Incredibles 2 was confirmed just to be in Brad Bird's head a few months ago. Certain anime sites are reviewing Sailor Moon Crystal with a large English fandom reading and commenting. The Japanese Digimon trailer that tells us nothing about the plot and just shows the new art style is over 900,000 views in less then a week on the English YouTube.Even people disappointed the Dragonball film is using Frieza yet again are still wanting to see it.

Getting the attention of 80s/90s kids in very profitable.
Doesn't the Punisher seem Netflix-y? I wonder what the legal rules are for a Miles Morales Spidey on Live Action TV. Sony-Marvel-ABC Studios Co-Production? It's feasible.

[ edited by IrrationaliTV on 2015-05-12 22:53 ]
The Bobbi & Hunter spin-off is dead. That Variety article is off-base. There's another Marvel property being developed by John Ridley that's causing the confusion.

The Agent Carter news is weird. They had a great supporting cast. Is everyone just moving to LA?

Also, SHIELD is getting a decent lead-in! Yay!
Maybe it's a specific assignment in LA, or maybe it's another decade.

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