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October 15 2002

UPN lowers ad rates For those of you following the story of UPN's poor ratings so far, this website reports that UPN has lowered the ad rates for BtVS and other shows.

Last night on the BronzeBeta someone confronted Jane Espenson with the bad ratings, but she says the ratings are fine and she claims their advertisers are happy with the results, something about a specific niche they aim for.
I agree with what you wrote, I think the main problem for UPN at the minute is the poor ratings for Enterprise. And having watched most of the first season of that show , I thought it was badly written compared to the likes of Deep Space Nine and The Next Generation.

BtVS will never be a mass appeal show, and I really dont want it be as I think it would be diluted as a result. It's still one of the best written, tightly plotted and superbly acted shows on TV. When it finishes, I think many critics will call it one of the best TV shows in recent years.

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