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May 12 2015

(SPOILER) Discuss the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 2 finale "S.O.S.". The episode is two hours long and was written by Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen. It's a two parter and was directed by Vincent Misiano (Part 1) and Billy Gierhart (Part 2).

So excited for this tonight! The Forbes article has really raised expectations, but still. Chills!
Last minute guesses: Good guy death: Mack or maybe Simmons

Bad guy death: Cal

End scene: Global Terrigen Bomb
I don't even want to guess. The best things in this show have been things I've never seen coming.

Also the worst. Dramatically best. But worst worst worst. #FitzSimmonsBox
Just took the phone off the hook.
Hey you guys I'm watching!
Gordon is the Mystique to Jiaying's Magneto.
Hey, Squishy!

So far, so tense. Great action choreography. Definitely much better than S.1.
Guess we're off to a slow start... ;)

My vote for "this is the last time I will speak with you" Skye Coulson, or Jiaying to Skye.
Also disconnect the doorbell and put a Do Not Disturb sign on every door. :)
Am I the only one bothered by the fact that Skye got crazy martial arts skills in what could only have been a few months?
Worried for Mack and Kara.
Squishy, we're mostly just going with it at this point. The mist may have brought it on? Comics handwavium.
Agent Beard!
Cal is freaking me out.
Show, please please don't kill Cal.
Still loving Cal.
Huh, part 1 and part 2 had different directors.
Handwavium, got it!
I get that Skye is emotionally compromised because it's her mother, but she should still have enough SHIELD training to see a big giant lie right in front of her face.
Kyle is my favorite nut job.
SHe's Jasmine!
Well that guys a goner, what with the bad guys discussing their plan.....WTF!?!
Oh no. No no no.
Dude, Skye's mom's a vampire!
Holy shit! She's fucking scary!
she's like wolverine!
Why is May surprised Skye would choose her mother?
That was just like Glory sucking brains...
Ah, I missed that there are two directors. Fixed now.
Well, Skye was involved, didn't think it would be Raina.

Jiaying is less Mystique and more like Selene. :)
Creepy Ward is oddly fun. Creepy Agent 33 not so much.
Reminds me more of Jasmine than Glory because feeding on so-called disciples, it seems.
Who LIKES needles? No one, that's who.
Yes. Definitely more like Jasmine.
OK now I am even more creeped out by Cal "sewing" her back together.

Nice chrisobrien
Is Skye's mom a real character from the comics?
Well. Raina told us the parents were monsters.
I wonder if she feeds off of Cal.
May seems happy to get a chance to kill Ward. Me too.
First hand in front of eyes. Jeez.
I hate that! Splinter under the fingernail.
Goddam that's a big beard!
Who is beard dude?
With style! Hahaha. So wrong I love him.
Oh, now I get why everyone in the village had to die.
Mr. Hyde is coming!!!
Remade himself crazy!
Oh. No. They used "stand with Ward".
Ward needs to live, because he's Ward, but if Agent 33 dies I would be down with that.
oops, raina didn't see that coming!
Oh Raina. :(
IS this how she's allowed to be a regular on Preacher, or did she see that coming? Ooh, maybe she planned for Skye to see.
Poor Raina!

I think she did see it coming & she didn't try to stop it.
that stand with ward bit made me feel really gross. and then, oh dammit jiaying
The child must supplant the parent.

Also, this is all coming together amazingly well. I don't think we are done with casualties, and we're only 25% through!
Props to Raina for walking straight into death like that.
I want Agent 33 to disappear. She's boring.
Raina knew and accepted her death as her role. To help Skye see.

Bye Raina. :( You were fantastic.
Did..did Raina just sacrifice herself to help Skye see the truth?!

No Squishy, Quake's Mom in the comics was an unnamed prostitute. Only Cal and Daisy are in the comics. Gordon may have just been introduced like last month I heard.
So, should we wager on who else will die?
Starting to wonder in Jiaying community ain't rogue by itself, operating outside of the purview of the Royal Family.
Raina's redemption was totally convincing, go figure! She wasn't the character I'd have thought would go that direction.

Jiaying is going the Full Megalomaniac, isn't she?

Nebula, I'm not so sure Mac is going to make it. Not sure who else. Lincoln?
Really? Cal isn't in on it?
there's a few in the comics, it'd made sense if they were
Man, I love Cal.
I love watching Ward but I can't look at these scenes, damn.
I'm with you on that, javelina! The fingernail thing is torturing me!
here comes hyde!!!
no more hyding!
Oh no...don't add electricity!
Or adrenaline....

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2015-05-13 02:46 ]
He still just looks like Cal.
OMG Forbes was right. This is CRAZY!
I hope Ward and Hyde both live.
it would be cool if Ward were an inhuman.
Meh. Not really feeling the make-up for Mr. Hyde mode.

He believes Jiaying and him are still trying to defend Diasy, not that she sees him as an expendable weapon for her cause.
It's whiplash between Mockingbird and Hyde. Idle but real question: what makes Kyle M's work so brilliant? The total commitment, mixed with the bizarre smarminess? Or what?
if jiaying has to go i hope we see a glimpse of the royal family
The final Dad-off! Probably.
Squishy, I agree with you on both counts.
Uh oh? Hahaha.
run fitzsimmons run!!
I love how Simmons always jumps to the lethal solution.
FUCK!!!! Breaking news????? AMTRAK accident.
are the inhumans at the base cause they want that thing? is the gun going to go off?
Wouldn't it be funny if Cal was also inhuman but Jiaying lied and said he wasn't?
I have a feeling I'm not going to be able to see the whole show. What happened before I yelled FUCK and we see bloody Bobbi face?
Uh. 33. If someone dies it's because of what you and Ward did. Why don't bad guys get that?!
Is Ward seriously after closure or does have a more interesting goal in mind?
May: Trap?
Hunter: Yeah, but so was my marriage.

cut to: literal trap based on his love for Bobbi.

Ok then show. Love is a battlefield.
Yeah, Squishy, I'm a bit concerned about Simmons.
Wow, hot redhead with same powers as that dude from x factor.
So glad this is two hours! Be careful, Mack!
Mack gets his hero moment...
Just imagined bizzare scene of Koenig taking Cal down, with the line, you don't have a lanyard.
Mack, you are about to die heroically, aren't you?
Now would be a great moment for Tripp to reveal he's been an Inhuman with invisibility all this time...
Yay, Coulson/Cal teamup!
Anyone remember that show My Two Dads?
Have Deathlok repairs been concluded? they kind of need him now.
Ooh, I hope Mack is an inhuman! That would be delicious irony.
Yeah...Lincoln isn't so on board anymore.
damn I want a whole show of evil mastermind jiaying now
"a dozen ginger ninjas!" Love it Mac!
Don't underestimate Hunter, Ward.
Yep, 2 hour movie.
I'm worried for Mack because suddenly he's interesting...
Also don't kill May, show!

Loved the "let's begin" - not what I expected.
Everybody always underestimates Hunter. I have a feeling he's going to show his potential tonight.
Now would be a great moment for Tripp to reveal he's been an Inhuman with invisibility all this time...

Ever hopeful...
NYPinTA, I am seriously concerned about Mack and Lincoln ... Didn't want to be right about both of them.
ABC is breaking in with the news about the Amtrak crash, here. Derailment, on its side. The footage does look very bad.
Double thumbs up for ginger ninjas.

Another agent down... how many more to go?
Nebula1400, I'm diehard. ;)
I wonder if Coulson is going to change.
Numfar, you're right! Where the heck is Deathlok? Also Nick Fury?

Also, what about the Koenig boys? Probably not susceptible to mist, I suspect.

[ edited by javelina on 2015-05-13 03:17 ]
So SHIELD agents with helmets don't have full ninja training?
Bwahahaha! (sorry)
Who've we lost so far? Just Raina and Kara? And some unknowns. Oh, beardy dude.
Haha, Mack. He's on fire tonight!
LOL @ Mack! Fox News...
Show, don't kill Mockingbird.

This seems to be all I am typing tonight.
It always bothers me when they start using Simmons like a surgeon. She has two PhDs, I thought?
It hasn't been Bobbi's day.
I'm thinking if they were considering a Mockingbird spin off then she'll be fine.... *fingers crossed*
Beardy Dude! He could have been the MCU's Ron Swanson.
Holy shit May knows how to get revenge.

Too bad the tension in the Lance/Bobbi stuff is undercut by knowledge outside the show.
Will Bobbie die, and then get better... which would be doubly ironic.
So at first I groaned at the "wait until you see my face" line.

But then it paid off brilliantly.

Please don't kill Ward, show. We need a good crazypants villain, and Ward fits the bill.
Yeah Mockingbird should be okay...unless they filmed two endings.
This is the first episode I have watched live, this is so exciting!
Especially if Cal is a crazypants ally now!
Sunfire, I think Simmons is also a doctor. One of those extra degrees she picked up at the Hub, probably.
But if the show isn't going forward, then she could die. Or maybe the nixing of the Lance/Bobbi Hour is a ruse, to make us think she could die. Or someone let the info out of the bag too soon.
Mack is totes dead.!?!?
NYPinTA you are too right, I suspect, and now I'm terribly worried about May AND Fitz. And Simmons.
Wait, does she love him?

ETA: Man, people finally getting together is *not* good for their lifespans.

[ edited by swanjun on 2015-05-13 03:24 ]
Not feeling Simmons and Fitz.
Oh hell don't die now Fitz.
Someone will die who we don't expect to die.
Fitz dies, I'm flipping all the tables.
I am worried for ALL of them.
I don't really buy Simmons loving him, either, because there hasn't been buildup at all. But I dunno - I'd like Fitz to be happy.
Still not sure about the emotional FitzSimmons pacing, but poor May and Andrew.

Mack might regret hitting Lincoln in a minute. Unless Mack is Inhuman too?!
If Fitz dies, I might stop watching. That sounds super melodramatic but he is 400% of the reasons I watch it.
Forbes was really, really right. There is so much emotion in this movie. It's all come down to this. It's going to be a long wait until fall, y'all.

I'm sensing an Inhuman Mack too.

[ edited by chrisobrien on 2015-05-13 03:26 ]
Show! Do not kill Fitz, I will 100% start screaming.
Simmons will die, instead.
I would die laughing if Mack is Inhuman. Oh please oh please make it so.
I would be sad if Simmons dies, but man, Iain de Caestecker will break hearts with that material.
Maybe May will die
OR plot twist: nobody dies. Ta dah!
Kal's role in this episode is similar to Spike's in Becoming in that a villain is fighting with the hero mostly because they care about some one else. I hope Kal survives the episode.
swanjun, I wouldn't stop watching but I would be Tara-level pissed off. Also I don't see how they can afford it - Iain De Caestecker is one of the best actors on the show.
MACK! You are the best tonight.
Squishy, nooooo!!!
So, Whitehall wasn't the big bad. He /made/ the Big Bad.
With poor signage!? Hahaha.
I want more, MoRE, MOOOORE ginger ninjas!!!
I hope Lincoln joins the crew.
<3 FITZ! I think that has to be added to the front page quote bank, pronto!
How many ginger ninjas are there?
Science Bitch.

I nominate Fitz to become Junior Science Bro.
Science byoth!

Worst. Mom. Ever.
Cal's gonna save Skye and kill SKye's mom.
My captioning said "Science, Biatch." :)
A Taylor Swift song comes to mind, Skye. Shake It Off.
Mommy Dearest.
Was wondering how to properly spell that....
"I'm the guy who kills Gordon" would also be a good quote.
Science biatch needs to go into the quote rotation up top.
In other news, so far doesn't sound like any deaths in Amtrak crash.
I love this show now.
The locals news here just called it a "mass casualty event." But otherwise avoided saying anything about possible deaths. I hope it is not as ominous as it sounds.
What's with all the train crashes though?
Keep Lincoln.
Why did the source ginger ninja just stand there waiting to be shot or electrocuted?
THE AXE! I have geekbumps.
OMG!!!! Phil's hand!!1
Gasp after gasp!!!
Poor Cal. :( :( :(
Double misdirect with Fitz had me.
I love Mack cutting off Phil's hand.
I guess they knew we'd expect Fitz to die, given what transpired with Simmons. :)
Best moment of the whole series.
Yay, so glad Mack is staying and got more interesting!
In all the Phase II movies, someone loses a hand/arm. I guess it holds true for AOS, too.
The new program?
Prime ginger probably goes into trance when she creates the dupes.

Glad we didn't lose Mack.
I'm SOOOO glad Ward's alive!
Oh great. Hydra's new head.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They did Tahiti on him?!
OMG! Tahiti!
Wiping people's memories does not solve their problems, SHIELD.
Secret Avengers....
He's letting her drive LOLA?
I want Coulson to have a robot hand NOW!
Terrigen fish oil?
We never did get a good Fitz/Simmons conversation.
Was hoping for a FitzSimmons tag.
Dayum. TBH I was thinking they might have Skye have Lola fly but I guess that was a bridge too far.
The fish oil. Never in my wildest imagination.
You were saying, Swanjun?
OH, SHIT!!!!
OH MY GOD!!!!! WTF!!!!
My emotions have been so manipulated!!!1
WTF Gary. W.T.F.
Jemma !!!
what the fuck just happened?!?!!?!!?!!
I was only kidding about Simmons dying!
Anyone else think of Tasha Yar?
I knew the instant Fitz and Simmons had a nice moment and a relationship breakthrough in the tag that one of them was toast. This is a Joss Whedon show.
Swanjun, you got your scene. BRB crying.
It's Wesley and Fred all over again.
GHAAA to the tag.Amazing episode tonight.So much to process but I say again,GHAAA to the tag.
I literally just threw my phone. SIMMONS!!!
Oh dammit this show, why can't fitzsimmons just end one season well?safe,happy,?
That was crazy intense. Amazing episode.
Wow, gang, I'm out. Will process tonight and comment tomorrow.

Such wow.
Now she's going to become the anti-Inhuman. And blue.
Wait, why do y'all assume she's dead?
Well we have a few months to contemplate the last few seconds of that scene. Horribly.
AndrewCrossett, yes, but did you see THAT coming??!! I am gobsmacked.

Squishy, if she isn't dead, I shudder to think what she's going to ... become.
Not dead, really. Just transformed.
Won't she come back? But . . . wrong?

Hopefully not as a prescient porcupine.
IT's always been Wesley and Fred, especially since Simmons seemed drawn to African-American dudes like Mike and Tripp.

I am presently in denial. I'm just thinking... she'll come out different, somehow. Maybe it's a coccoon-y thing and she won't die.
I'm calling it. She's definitely NOT dead.

[ edited by Squishy on 2015-05-13 04:06 ]
I don't think she's dead. I think something very bad has happened, though.

Fitz will think she got cold feet. WORST OUTCOME.
OK, Marvel experts. Is there a giant goo monster that eats people and is a threat to Inhumans?
Is she confirmed to be around next season?

Still in shock.
I know the artifact was Kree, but that seems like the perfect way to signal the start of the Skrull invasion. Next season starts with Simmons being Simmons and everything is normal. No follow up to that scene at all. For months....
Actually it would be more painful if she ISNT gone, so she probably won't be.
Given her occasionally lethal tendencies, if she did come back warped, it'd be easy to buy her going full-on deadly.

Actually... wouldn't it be cool if Simmons took more of the spotlight in S3? Now Skye's found her destiny, got her team... now it's Simmons' turn to battle with becoming something different, etc. That would be awesome.
They don't have the rights to Skrulls.
what will she become?

and nebula,I've no idea. never seen something like it.
She's going to be all sexified and become Skye's worst nightmare.
OK, if she's not Illyria, she's Dark Willow. Except she was eaten by a goo monster.
mathnut, except for the Skrulls part, you may be right. That would be VERY creepy - a "normal" Jemma.
I haven't freaked out this much after a finale since season 1 of Angel.
The deathstone is fatal to Inhumans, so Simmons will probably survive but she may change in a way she doesn't want.

And Sunfire your YAY. NO. was LOL. I also enjoyed the Gordon/Ftz fakeout and Coulson is now Captain Hook.

Very well done with Cal's character arc. Glad may is giving Andrew another try. Global Terrigen fish oil? Skye's Secret Avengers should be fun. Ward will be the new Hydra firmly makes him evil but should also be a good opening Big Bad for S3, Mack is staying and in charge of preventing things like what just happened to Simmons, that makes sense.

Certin things like the emotional pacing of FitzSimmons and May still being mostly a static character bother me. And while warranted by plot this time the show still has an overbalanced focus on Skye which hurts a show that should be an assemble and limits other character arcs, but I'll go into it more in the morning after I digest the finale, hopefully unlike what the stone did to Simmons.
AndrewCrossett, yes, but did you see THAT coming??!!

Not that specifically, but something.

I think she got Hole In The Worlded.

They don't have the rights to Skrulls.

They have the Chitauri instead.
Haha, I guess Mac's not doing that good in his new job from Simmons's perspective!
Damn it now that you've said Skrull invasion that's what I want. That storyline would ONLY work on TV.
I hated seeing Raina go. She was fun but pre-cog is an overwhelming power that would kind of make too much too easy. As to Jemma perhaps she has been chosen to be a living deathstone.

[ edited by JDL on 2015-05-13 04:30 ]
Good call, mathut, Simmons walking around normally (maybe with hints of something amiss) with no explanation would be excruciatingly awesome.
Maybe it will be a Skrull invasion, but they'll just call it something else.

Maybe Jemma will be encased in carbonite.
Simmons as Cordy-Jasmine?

I wonder how Bobbi wanting out of the life was supposed to set-up a spin-off?

[ edited by Dusk on 2015-05-13 04:21 ]

[ edited by Dusk on 2015-05-13 04:21 ]
As I articulated on Twitter:


But seriously, these episodes were amazing and I'm counting the days until fall.
Please. Not that, Dusk.
Now what do we do with Tuesday nights?
As long as she doesn't try to seduce Coulson she's ahead of Cordy-Jasmine.

I'm going to hideout in the OB boards for a few more weeks then amazing Race Canada will keep me occupied.
I believe Elizabeth Hendridge is confirmed to be returning next season. However, as others have said, she could well by "Illyria-ed."
Nope still freaking out.

And I'm not 100 percent sure, but I don't think they have the rights to the whole skrull invasion storyline at all, I think its over at fox. Could be wrong though.
An Amazing Race (US) winner is from my town and is a friend of my kids.

Still... Tuesdays are going to be boring, now.
Loves me some:

(1) Evil Ward living on and getting even EVILER!!

(2) Ginger Ninjas, Ginger Ninjas, Ginger Ninjas

(3) Cal killing Skye's mom. (Or did he?)

(4) Fitz continuing to be cool in his own way.

(5) Simmons getting eaten by Kree goo.

(6) Phil barely catching the crystal, and Mac chopping his fucking hand off to save him!

By the way, all that Terrigen fish oil?? Totally Skye's fault.

Seriously, did no one think maybe they should do something about the giant crate-full of deadly crystals at the bottom of the ocean???
They may not have the rights to the Skrull, but the fundamental plot line of pod personning people in a secret invasion isn't that crazy. Might make the show feel more like BSG though. (Not that that is necessarily a bad thing.). Of course it perpetuates the 'Coulson never sees betrayal coming' motif of S1 and S2.

But it would be sooo excruciating if there is no immediate follow up to that scene with a 'normal' Jemma.
A couple of guys from S2 of Amazing Race Canada live like 20 minutes from me, they didn't win or even get to the finale though.

Skrulls are a Fantastic Four thing traditonally so Fox probably has them.

Elizabeth was listed in the press release at upfronts today, unlike everyone of Agent Carter except Hayley herself. She's not dead but will be somehow "Illyrified" I bet.
So, Inhumans, vegetarians, and vegans will survive the fish oil.

Who owns Namor?
Also, I love how Coulson cut off Skye to say annonomous instead of secret like Skye was going too. Just tweaking the fans with secret avengers without naming them.
So I guess this season was part of Marvel's Phase II. They planned to cut off a hand/arm of at least one character in each movie.
Simmons is no Fred. Simmons getting Illyria'd would probably make me like her more. With Fred, it was the opposite.
Now I have to learn more about the Secret Avengers.
Not sure about Namor, it might be Paramount but so is/was Hulk I believe and like Sony they are willing to play ball with Marvel. The only ones Marvel is still missing are X-Men and Fantastic Four=Fox.

The X-Men films do too well for Fox to want to let them go, but speculation is if the new FF movie fails maybe Marvel can work something out.
Namor's kinda Fantastic Four-y, so I'm guessing Fox owns him.
Mack is the worst nickname inventor ever. Seriously, "Tremors" was the best he could do for Skye? It's Quake, man! Quake!

Although "The Guy Who Kills Gordon" was pretty cool. Inaccurate, but cool.

I want to see more of the Ginger Ninjas. (Which is totally her superhero name now. Or supervillain name, depending.)
I forgot to include Agent Weird-Beard in my list of loves. He will be missed.
I wish the news hadn't broken in in the middle. I still want to know what I missed (beside "Ginger Ninjas") during the interruption.
Some weird company that has the rights to nothing else has Namor. I forget but it's not fox or sony.
Fox does have the skrulls due to FF, and they could do it without them I guess, but what's a skrull invasion without skrulls?

Stlll freaking out.
Just dug around, Marvel does have Namor apparently but their is some complexity with other parties and older contracts.
The Chitauri were created specifically to replace the Skrulls in the MCU, I believe.
Yeah the Chitauri/Skrull thing is confusing.
The deal with Namor is the same as the Hulk. Marvel has the film rights and someone else has the distribution rights. MUCH
of the profit of a movie is made by the distributor. Until Marvel owns both Namor will show up only like the Hulk does now.
I wonder where this puts Skye when Civil War comes. She supports SHIELD that would likely be pro-registration but wants the new super-team to be out of the public eye so that's anti-registration. Will be interesting to see.

[ edited by Dusk on 2015-05-13 05:41 ]
Could the Fish Oil be cause of the Civil War I wonder ?
Well, I was pulling for a Global Terrigen Bomb. Global Terrigen Fillet? ;)

In all seriousness I'm sure they'll expand on it in S3. Last year our Big Question was the Bloody Hand Parent and the Little Question of Coulson's writing. This year the Big Question is Simmons and the Little Question the Fish Oil.
Is there some connection between the alien goo and Gravitonium? I have no pot reasons for this assertion, but the effects are pretty similar, as is the way it gobbles up people.

Edit: PLOT reasons. Not pot reasons.

[ edited by PaperSpock on 2015-05-13 06:36 ]
Interesting question, PaperSpock. Gravitonium. Kree. Blue Jemma. Minn-Erva. Not-Skrulls. It's all connected. Maybe.
Yeah, I also wondered if they were picking up on the loose Gravitonium plot thread from way back near the beginning of Season 1 (what with the SHIELD scientist who sacrificed himself to save everyone after Ian Quinn was his usual power- and money-hungry asshole self--and I was made to believe at the time that that scientist's name is in the comics as a supervillain?). However, that's not the shape we saw the Gravitonium in when we got a glimpse at it down in SHIELD's vault (and just before the professor's hand popped out) and it was made clear that this is an alien object or potential weapon of some sort, so..looks like they're leaving the Gravitonium hanging still.

Some things Squishy mentioned:

Why didn't SHIELD retrieve the crate of Terrigen bombs ? Skye must've told them that she flung it overboard. Of course, maybe they did retrieve it but it was too late, the blue mist had already spread into the ocean and they're unaware (presumably, wouldn't any Potential-Inhuman who drinks or comes in skin contact with even a molecule of that stuff have something transformative happen to them ? Maybe that's not a large enoughh amount, though). I like to assume that because the METALLIC parts of the bombs weren't broken/exploded, the fatal-to-humans portion of those devices won't come into effect. So regular folks who take fish oil capsules are fine, Inhumans transform.

Was Jiaying killed ? Or left a paraplegic ? For a second I thought Cal was gonna rip her in half or take her head off or something like that. It seems like she could potentially heal from whatever he did to her, though severing her spinal cord at the brain stem WOULD effectively kill her, wouldn't it ?

We didn't see a body, though, and SHIELD would presumably NOT throw away, bury, or burn the body of someone who may hold the key to immortality (it comes at the expense of others, but that wouldn't stop some SHIELD members from experimenting and hoping to harness the ability).
Some of the stronger emotional beats in this are what I was wanting from "Age of Ultron" and what we've frequently gotten from the other Marvel films and shows. This finale, heck a lot of this season, more than made up for my disappointment in the film.

Now that Skye's [biological] family's taken care of, though, much as I loved Cal and Jiaying (and Raina, a relative in a roundabout way), I'm eager to see where the series will head next. Besides Ward, it has little tethering it to anything set up in its first two seasons.
Interesting factoid; The “ginger ninja” with Multiple Man-like powers was played by Alicia Vela-Bailey, who is also Adrianne Palicki's stunt double.

As for the crystal's in the ocean. Those dropped off a moving ship. Nearly impossible to find in a short amount of time and iirc it was looking like it was about to get dark.
Thoughts on Simmons:

1) She's dead, and they'll never know where she went or what happened to her. Bye Simmons! We loved you! Sad Fitz. :(

2) She's inside it, in stasis, and it's going to change her in some way.

3) She's in another dimension, and it's going to take a whole arc - or the whole season - to figure it out and get her back, revealing the nature of the rock in the process.

4) She's going to be in the entire next season, walking around like nothing's wrong, and they're not even going to mention that tag at all until the second half/arc, or maybe even the FOURTH season, when they'll discover that something's off, and the Simmons they've been working with for all this time is a duplicate or some kind. Which will end up being the season's big bad, they'll have to destroy her, and then they'll discover she's in the rock, or dead, or in another dimension, etc. But 'til then, they're just gonna make us stew in it and pretend it didn't happen, 'til we're clawing at the walls saying "WHAT HAPPENED TO SIMMONS, EXPLAIN NOW!!!"

5) She'll be back from the start of the season, and it'll be her, and no one else will know anything happened to her. But she came back . . . wrong. And it's going to be the big finale of the season.

6) The room is under surveillance, someone saw what happened, and the next season is going to open seconds later with them coming in to get her out, and it's going to kick off the first big arc. Against all odds, she's going to be fine, and it'll all be ok, the writers aren't THAT cruel.

. . . Yeah, right.
Food of the Gods!
There's so much to talk about this episode, because it was really amazing, but right now... I can't even... I can't.

As soon as that last scene started I KNEW something was up. I knew they wouldn't end the season on a cute happy FitzSimmons scene.

My heart, it hurts right now.

[ edited by maxsummers on 2015-05-13 07:44 ]
Never posted a link here, so, apologies if this does not work.
Liked the subtle nods to Age of Ultron - "We're all monsters," Coulson (Oh, my poor Phil!) saying he had a "few things lined up" to take care of his missing hand, and May wanting to have a life outside of SHIELD.

Anyone else notice the number on the locker she took the gun from??

I knew she was setting Kara up. Nicely done. When Ward said "the first person to come through the door" I said "But there's windows."

Stupid, stupid Fitz!

Love that Phil called Skye "the closest" to a daughter he'll ever have. And nice way to give Cal a new life. Just hope the Daisy thing was just for his benefit, and not that Skye wants to change her name. Agent Skye is just so much cooler sounding than Agent Daisy.

Ward's a new head, huh? This can't end well.
This sounds great, can't wait to see it.
One other thing I want to mention. The 2 hour time block was waaay better than splitting them up.
By the way, the first part was written by Jeffrey Bell, part 2 was written by Jed and Mo. Both parts were well done, although there was a line early in the second part that I immediate thought of as a Jed/Mo line.

I'm glad Mack is back, Skye discovered the truth before it was too late and that Lincoln did as well. I hope Lincoln shows up next season, if not as a regular then piping in from time to time as Mike Peterson does.
Batman1016, good point about "the room was under surveillance." I doubt that anyone at that point was actively watching any monitors but I think there would at least have been some, and maybe a visual recording.

Also good point about what if next season we just see Gemma as Gemma, outwardly unchanged, with no references or explanations. Also what if she and Fitz become an item, and then she starts to change in some threatening way, and it falls to him to notice it and believe it and do something about it.

Questions for any and all: In the final scene, was Fitz leaning on the container containing the big blobby thing, and did that cause its door to come ajar? There's a momentary click or shift and then he stops leaning. Should we believe that the door was really so easy to open, and that Mr. It's-OK-if-you're-not-a-quantum-physicist walked away without looking at what he'd done? I mean, possible, but yikes--how's he gonna feel when he finds out it was his fault?
Tsk, missed it again.
@DaddyCatALSO -- That's kind of what I'm anticipating with Fitz/Simmons. And then the heartbreak of him realizing all their romantic progress was maybe not real.

@mozzarellademon -- Perhaps. I'll need to watch it again.

@Squishy and Kris -- Was that the same crate that Coulson, Mack, and Fitz were guarding? I didn't see that one enter the sea. I was assuming it was a second crate they didn't know about that had been on the jet.

Other thoughts:
* How much I loved Cal and Mack in this episode! I'm so glad Mack is sticking around and hope the actor officially becomes a regular next season.

* I love the idea, as @Kris said, of them being untethered now to anything they introduced early on. The Secret Avengers stuff should be great, and I really, really hope that Lincoln is one of the first people Skye drafts.

ETA: Actually, Deathlock's an obvious choice for that team, as well.

[ edited by swanjun on 2015-05-13 13:21 ]
Casualty list:
* Raina
* Kara
* Gordon
* Agent Weird-Beard
* Bobbi's mojo

Presumed dead but maybe not:
* Jiaying
* Simmons

I feel like I am missing people.
For those wondering what to do with their Tuesdays at 9, I recommend iZombie!
In a world where NOTHING is left to chance, why was May's locker number 33?
Wow, talk about saving the good stuff for the end, give me a season of that for next year please.
I'm pretty sure Jiaying is All the Way Dead, such that even Miracle Max could not save her. Probably beheading, burning to ashes, or severing the spinal cord will do it. She doesn't have a Wolverine style healing factor. And it would be anti-climactic to bring her back at this point.

I wonder, when she was dead the first time, how she was able to drain the life energies of other people to restore herself.

I think in the first episode of next season, Simmons will be walking around as if nothing happened. That stone periodically turns to liquid, and the next time it does it will spit out Simmons. (The only way that doesn't happen is if it consumed her... not likely since she's coming back next year... or if it is a teleportation gate of some sort.)

But Simmons will be changed. The stone will have turned her into a weapon against Inhumans, which she may or may not be aware of. Watch out, Skye!

(Although, in this interview Jeffrey Bell seems to be saying that the gang will be searching for Simmons when we pick up next season, so who knows?)

My assumption about the stone is that the Kree sent it to destroy the Inhumans after deciding they were a mistake. I think the way the stone turns into roiling liquid is meant to recall the Great Flood that God sends in the Old Testament to destroy mankind.

It looks like they're setting up a potential spinoff with Skye and her Secret Warriors team. I kind of think that's a stronger (albeit more expensive) idea than the Bobbi/Hunter one, though it would really change the dynamic of AoS to have Skye gone.

[ edited by AndrewCrossett on 2015-05-13 14:37 ]
@mozzarellademon - In the EW article about the episode, they do say that Fitz accidentally unlocked the crate.
Kara/Agent 33's arc was very tragic, but I wasn't sure how to feel about her in these last few episodes because we didn't get a clear idea on whether she'd gotten back full control of herself. Once she came out of her Hydra brainwashing (if she ever fully did), it seems Ward manipulated her and she never had a chance to breathe and sort out her head. So her being unreasonable about Bobbi's role in her abduction by Hydra seemed false and not how a trained, clear-thinking SHIELD agent would assess the situation and history (remember Akiva, Coulson's former team mate with the first robotic eye we saw in the series ? She didn't hold anything against SHIELD for losing her). She was caught up by the current of the plot and died by necessity, it seemed, because finales often demand a body count and Ward had to suffer a loss. I feel like an opportunity may've been missed here. It felt like the Dollhouse equivalent of having her die a doll, no agency and all that.

Also, I thought we were gonna discover a larger plot of Ward's, that he had some overarching machinations throughout the season that we just didn't see coming (first: escape, then: reconnect with Hydra contacts so that he'd at least be on a team/have a support structure and then go with the flow with Whitehall and company, and beyond that...take advantage of Kara's vulnerabilities and then move on to some grand master plan for season's end?). But what we got was a much smaller/more personal end and it's still hard to know how to feel about Ward without knowing what's happening in his head. He's obviously got a few screws loose, but do we take him at face value and buy into him actually caring about Agent 33 and mourning her death ? That she wasn't just his pawn ? I was waiting for something bigger, but on the other hand (aside from sacrificing Kara), the smaller ending for him this season kinda worked. Maybe a tag for him would've helped, though.

No way was May just going on vacation. She packed her gun (okay, she probably does that to go grocery shopping), she's hunting Ward.
I didn't believe that the series would do something so game-changing to the movies like having powered people activated worldwide. I was convinced that Jiaying would merely set off some Terrigen bombs in Afterlife and activate all the potentials she had there to use in a full on assault against SHIELD. That way she'd have people who knew the deal already and would be more likely to listen to her, plus for franchise-related reasons would maintain the status quo and keep Inhumans bound to one area of the MCU's Earth and essentially bound to TV too (exception: Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch). Speaking of them, how were they activated ? By random Hydra experimentation, or by obelisk/mist ? Earlier this season, didn't we see a shot of a case somewhere with four or five remaining obelisks/diviners in it ? Who ended up with that ? SHIELD, Hydra, or Afterlife ?

Also, it seemed like Jiaying had a ton of misplaced anger toward SHIELD, when really the bulk of it (or maybe just all of it) should've been aimed at Hydra. Was she genuinely crazy, or just misinformed (by Cal, by Gordon, or whoever else was feeding her info) ? We never found out how old she was either, did we ?

Early on (though this may've been part of her ruse), she told Skye that she answered to elders or people up the chain of command. If it wasn't a lie, too bad we didn't get a hint of them in the finale.

re: SHIELD not retrieving the crates due to the ocean being vast and night falling...good points, but I figured FitzSimmons could technobabble a way to track the alien metals via scans/satellite somehow. But maybe they couldn't and the crates are simply lost. Given how fatal those bombs are, though, you'd still think SHIELD would make it a priority to TRY to retrieve 'em.
I'm not sure SHIELD knew they'd dissolve. They might think the only threat is from directly touching one.
I'm glad they are keeping Ward interesting rather than reforming or redeeming him.
swanjun I did think of Tasha Yar! Also, got a real 'Darth Vader talking to Luke' vibe when Skye's mom was all "imagine our power... blah de blah". Ugh, so boring. I'm glad she's gone, for good hopefully.

Now maybe they'll relax about Skye and concentrate on Simmons, like someone mentioned above. Whatever she becomes I'll bet it'll be awesome. Her and Fitz (and 'Her&Fitz') have always been my favorites, so was thrilled to see the spark of that!

I love Cal, so much. And yes a perfect description was up top, his commitment to the material and his smarm together are PERFECT. When he was brought on I thought he was going to be just another boring Daddy-villain. I was wrong. I wonder how long it'll be before the TAHITI starts to wear off and he starts remembering.

Gonna miss Raina, and was really impressed with Tyra Collette this episode.

About the third or fourth fisty/kicky battle I started rolling my eyes, though. Come on, our guys are tough, but the un-enhanced among them would've been more than just bruised. And I get tired of seeing women beat up, really quickly. I love seeing May fight, though. Could watch her do her thing all day.

R.I.P. Coulson's hand.
As an employee of a tuna company I just want to say BUY OUR STUFF FOR FREE INHUMANY POWERS.
I did not think that fish oil would make for an exciting cliff hanger but I was wrong. Great episode.
I guess that means plastic isn't the only thing now in our food chain... :/ But plastic won't give me super powers. I wonder what I'd end up with? How much of it is based on personality or personal desire? Can one will a particular power? Kind of the way the Doctor sort of chooses a face? (I maintain he does.) Anywho... I do think Ward cared for Agent 33 in his own twisted psychotic way, and the entire plan of leaving her with SHIELD was to get Bobbi so she could get the same kind of "closure" he did when he killed his family. Seems the main difference between the good guys (the folks at SHIELD) and the bad guys (Jiaying and Ward) is that when the dust settles after a conflict, Jiaying and Ward put all of their actions onto someone else and insist their wounds be paid for in kind (even when they strike first) where as SHIELD (like Coulson and in this finale Mack) look for the real cause and let the facts speak for themselves about what to do next.

Spin-offs: I think maybe they knew they had an opportunity for one and so left the door open for a few options. A) Bobbi wanting out of the SHIELD business and probably with Hunter being one. B) May on her own being another. C) Skye's new team a third. But since we got more Agent Carter (yay!) it's super easy to walk back on those possible exits.

I don't think May is going to hunt for Ward. I think her taking the gun was a way of saying she's moved on from what happened in Bahrain when she shot the little girl. Remember she had an aversion to carrying a gun of her own for a long time and even joked that if she needed one she'd just take it from someone else. But now she's willing to carry one. And plus I think she knows Ward might come after her for Agent 33's death. (Even though it was his fault.) (Except to Ward nothing is ever his fault.)

If they don't have camera's in the goo room then they are idiots. But also, maybe SHIELD should invest in some locks that can't be opened by awkward flirting, yah?
Well you really can't go wrong with Kyle McLachlan. It's funny since I'm actually watching Twin Peaks concurrently. There was a small part of me that wanted David Lynch to walk into S.H.I.E.L.D. as a guy with a hearing aid. Ahh well.

@B!x - I think they've probably moved Ward into a very specific storyline at this point and have moved him away from where he can be considered that ambiguous. It was sort of what I suspected when I heard Bell's comments. Ambiguous is hard to do and it requires playing both sides and not going too dark or too light. Bell's comments almost seemed to indicate that the duality in fandom was innate to the character and not originating from what was being written. The Lance Hunter hit was very Snidely Whiplash. I was honestly hoping that after 33 made her choice they'd just leave.

I would have found it ambiguous since he abducted and tortured an agent but maybe there was some sort of code he uses for decision making that would seem "in control" given his affiliation with 33. If he'd honored her choice, it would have been ambiguous. Where they went instead was garden variety psycho (which I hate because I find them terrible characters).

Yea, some people like them but my psych background I get really irked when I start seeing a walking plot point. Up until now I did find him the most psychologically interesting character but I think fan pressure forced their hand a bit. The problem with going with pure antisocial personality disorders, is it generally excuses just about anything the writer has them do. I really, truly hate that in a character because if I don't need to relate to them then I'd rather they get the stormtrooper treatment. It pays off the staged family massacre, but from my frame of reference if they were going ambiguous there were ways to write out what actually happened as a flashback that could have always changed the perception of what occurred.

It's disappointing for me as even if you were on the other side as Kris mentioned upthread, it feels like a really missed opportunity for both 33 and Ward. Even Ward's "moment" with 33 at the end felt a little shallow for me. Act like a cartoon, guess what happens bro? What am I supposed to feel about it?

I liked everything else though. It was really good to see Dichen again and I was shocked (although I shouldn't have been) at how much MacLachlan knocked it out of the park.

[ edited by azzers on 2015-05-14 03:09 ]
Great finale. I was SO sure Mack was going to die... very glad to be wrong!

I was also kind of surprised that Ward doesn't seem to have had another plan besides avenging his girlfriend. I still like him as a bad guy, though. I'm kind of hoping he falls madly in love with yet another woman next season & that throws him onto a whole new trajectory. He's fun when he's confusing.

I loved the fish oil. So funny.
Only caught up with the finale late last night and oh, dear lord. Still processing it.

For me, the way they wrapped the Cal arc was absolutely heartbreaking and beautiful. Kyle M's acting - wow, wow, wow. Just thinking about it has me in floods of tears again. Brilliant writing, brilliant acting.
Man, what an episode(s)!!! I'm still inwardly screaming about Simmons being gooped. I will miss Raina, though, she was always my favourite villain-type character... I too want Coulson to get a cool robot hand!
@jcs -- I would love it if they showed that Ward has a pattern of obsessively loving various women, and sort of... trying to change who he is and his goals all because of them. He seems to love making promises to them and pointing it out when he's fulfilled them.
@punkinpuss Although I will miss seeing Cal more frequently, I don't think they could've done his story any better, frankly.

ETA: Now it occurs to me that Cal's another one who loved someone so much he changed for her, and was very proud of himself for keeping promises.

[ edited by swanjun on 2015-05-14 13:18 ]
That goodbye scene between Cal and Skye was very touching. *sniff*
Watched it while out of town while texting with my son. I believe a typical exchange between us went like this: "Whaaaaaat!" "OMG" "Arrrgggghhh" "Ow ow ow" "No way!" "ooooo" "NO NO NO" etc.

There've already been 300+ comments, but let me just add these:

*It didn't seem Simmons was too excited to get going on that date thing, and with her new reveal as some kind of Kree cleansing assassin (my guess) I'm pretty sure FitzSimmons as a romance item is dead

*Kyle was outstanding. Played the crazy, played the sincere with equal aplomb. Kinda liked the ending, though I'm not sure it was plausible given the death count he was responsible for. Still enjoyed it

*I like the Secret Avengers idea - though I read Skye's emphasis on identity management a clear demarcation line for Civil War storyline

*Speaking of Kyle (Hyde) and Secret Avengers the show has to commit to upgrading the look / feel of its heroes and villains. I found the Hyde transformation a big let down - there was nothing about him particularly scary or intimidating. The same in the past could be said of Deathlok and most of the Inhumans. If you can't afford to properly display the powers, Marvel's roster should be large enough to select characters that don't need high production value, but if you do, then you gotta produce. Go big or go home (I will say I've been pretty impressed by the limited times we've seen Skye "Quake" someone)

*I think the Terrigen Fish Oil was more of a nod to B movie endings, which always seemed to end with The End - ????, or a creature's claw popping out of their supposed grave, than any particular plot line that will be re-introduced.

*Glad to see Ward will be back and more evil and crazy than ever - I suspect he may very well move into Big Bad status for 1st half of Season 3

*Thought it was a good season, with a bit of a drop about half way through. I think pressure will be on to produce in Season 3, as the critical acclaim of AC and Daredevil threatens to overshadow AoS (at least from a critical perspective) and while S3 usually leads to S4, you really have to keep ratings where they are at the minimum. If it starts slow and ratings dip to 1.0 range than a no-brainer becomes a conversation

Anyway - enjoyed reading everyone's comments this season - look forward to what the team pulls out of their hat in the fall!
I found the Hyde transformation a big let down - there was nothing about him particularly scary or intimidating.

I thought so at first, but now I think it was much more important that MacLachlan had the opportunity to act during that scene, rather than just get replaced by a CGI monster wrecking scenery.

I knew they wouldn't be able to do a full-on comics Hyde. He's comparable to the Hulk, and even the movies took years to get the Hulk right.
Sentence fragments galore. Coulson with a Stark/Cho superhero hand. Or maybe an evil hand. Or both.
@TallMichaelJ -- The *effects* of powers have been quite cool—Skye, Jiaying's feedings, etc. But it's the makeup that's really bad. Deathlok looks really bad, Gordon looks really bad... I actually thought Cal was better than these other two!
I agree about the makeup. Gordon's was especially bad.
Yeah, Flash has got AoS beat pretty soundly when it comes to effects. I enjoyed the powered fight scenes we got but this Flash clip that aired the same night has got them beat in the Powered Brawl department:
I admit the Skye/Lincoln stuff from a VFX perspective is pretty decent, but even then the "action" seems stiff. I'd rather them continue to produce some of the cool fight scenes that involve no powers (May v May / SkyeWick) than try to cobble together a single effect just to say you had one.

And yeah - whoever's in charge of the "the look" of the heroes really needs a either more help, a bigger budget, or to be replaced. They have repeatedly taken powerful characters and made them look silly (Deathlok/Hyde) or boring (Most Inhumans) To be fair, they did a nice job on Raina, which ironically only served to show how mundane everyone else was in comparison
I agree with all the above re effects and makeup, except I thought Raina was among the silliest looking of them all. The action/effects sequences are not among the reasons why I watch this show (at least not yet). Nor is the dialogue. It's the story and some of the character work that keep me coming back, as well as the connection to the Marvel Universe, to which I'm very partial.

Oh, and Kyle's acting this season was a huge draw.

[ edited by Squishy on 2015-05-14 23:11 ]
Kyle made the most of his bad hair day. I promise I look scarier with fluffy hair than he does!
Kyle McLachlan and Dichen Lachman was both amazing guest stars, I thought. Such a crazy pair. 10/10 would Kyle/Dichen again.

I do agree the mutant makeup is not the best - I honestly think they shouldn't do it if they can't nail it. The VFX is great though. Overall I loved the series, and thought the finale was classic Marvel. I thought they did really great with Skye, too. And most importantly, Mack survived and Ward has a beard again.
So I watched the finale one more time, and something Dichen said stayed on my mind... She said "This war started decades ago when shield was founded". So, what if, IF, come next winter we get to see Dichen again in Agent Carter? Playing a part in the decision to create shield? Which is how hydra got hold of her after many years? Imagine her as a basically good person, trying to help Carter with a weird case. Imagine 10 more episodes of Dichen, in her pre-hydra state.
Wouldn't that be nice?
Great finale, the Ward/Agent 33/Bobbi stuff was REALLY strong. Bobbi's really given Skye and May a run for their money as best female character. I'm a little disappointed though that Ward went from grey to full on evil

Dichen has come a long way from when I saw her on Dollhouse

Torn between Coulson and Fitz as my favorite character right now.

Would it be crazy to say that AoS was actually better than Arrow this season? My, how things have changed
No doubt it was better than Arrow. Flash has been good too though.
Yeah Flash is pretty great, except for Iris, who I hate. Arrow was king of the mountaintop for comic book TV, but then AoS really hit its stride along with Daredevil coming out and being awesome. All while Arrow hit some creative road bumps in its third season

Although the Arrow/Flash crossovers have been excellent

I've heard good things about Constantine too but the first two episodes I watched didn't impress me that much
So much for Ward's redemption arc.

I thought Adrianne Palicki was especially outstanding in this one. My feeling watching her was that underneath the defiance, Bobbi actually did feel guilty for Kara. Everything she said to Kara about how Kara knew the risks and made the commitment when she joined SHIELD was true, and Bobbi knew that out of two bad choices she had made the right one, but she still suffered for knowing that ultimately that choice had been responsible for causing Kara's suffering. I think that was why at the end she told Hunter she couldn't keep doing this, not because of the pain she herself had been put through. That, and of course, the possibility that she might have become the cause of Hunter's death.
Bobbi's actually my favorite female on the show right now. Heavy praise when she's up against May and Skye.
I loved Bobbi here as well.

And so much <3 for Kyle, I'm sad we probably won't see him around (much? at all?) anymore, but I am happy for Cal.

I really, really hope that they will give more of an explanation as to how that thing opened, it would be SERIOUSLY bad writing if Fitz leaning against it was the only explanation. I hope it was sabotaged somehow. Maybe (un)consciously by Mack? He was in contact with, or rather taken over by Kree technology before. That thing seems to be a Kree weapon against inhumans, and he is in charge of it - this might be a possibility. I really do hope they had this room under some kind of surveillance, though. Unless he, if my theory is right, sabotaged that as well. It would be upsetting but keep him interesting.

Also: am I just seeing things, or could this mean something as well? I felt that numbers played such a dominant role here. May having the locker number 33, as someone already mentioned. The room with that Kree weapon had the number 47, and the whole ship I think has the number 74. Maybe we will find out what happened with Simmons in episode nr 47? (i.e. Season 3 Episode 3). I feel like a mad conspiracy theorist xD

Cruel how they played with our feelings. It was clear something would happen to either Fitz or Simmons. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Saw the finale yesterday and loved it, I was incredibly tense wondering all the time if any of the good guys were going to die.

One thought...
Might there be a chance that there's something else going on with Fitz... and him unlocking the container in the final scene was actually intentional?

Fitz showed signs of mental damage in the first half of the season, especially noticable in his speech. During the second half, he got much better, to the point that he's now speaking normally again. I don't think it was ever really specifically addressed or questioned that he made -that- big a progress that he doesn't have to search for words anymore.

What if he's replaced 'Skrull-style' by a shapeshifting Inhuman, or made some kind of sinister pact, and knew exactly what he was doing when he 'fumbled' and unlocked the container?

Fitz is my fave character on the show and I'm hoping he's as honest and good as he appears to be, yet I wonder...
I got a question: can anyone tell me what it is that Mack says right after Gordon dies? I listened to it several times, but I just can't make it out. :(

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