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May 13 2015

The trailer for Joss Whedon's remake of "The Sound of Music". How would "The Sound of Music" remake look if Joss made it? It involves a Baroness, Nazis and alien tentacles.

Emotional resonance . . . , and rocket launchers.
Yeah. This is the next big thing.
Killer cast!
Does Joss really have a reputation for bombs and explosions now?

Yeah, I'd love to see him work with some of those actors. Though do you think they realised they cast Emma Stone as Maria and Andrew Garfield as one of the von Trapp children...?
That made me laugh. The casting was completely wrong, though.
I prefer my trailer script for Joss Whedon's Hamlet , but this was fun. I feel like aside from Maria being tough, it didn't really capture Joss's trademark writerly qualities, though.
@Kiba, Studio Notes: Could we get a little humor in to lighten the mix? Maybe the skull could be Wash, instead of Yorick. Every time Hamlet kills someone, he could make a wisecrack.
and what about a Hawaiian shirt for the skull to wear? Just a thought.
Think buddy Dane cop movie, she's crazy, he's dead, but they're partners, trying to solve the murder. I am definitely seeing that Salieri guy from Amadeus playing Claudius.

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