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May 13 2015

Earth's mightiest monsters: The character arcs of Age Of Ultron. Badass Digest does a wonderful job explaining the delights you'll reap from a second viewing.

I really enjoyed that article. Age of Ultron has so much action that it's nice to take the time to mull over the character moments and realize the thought that went into each of the character's arcs.
"Love is for children." The one time Nat has let herself display real love for someone is with Clint and Laura's children. It seems like that is the only 'safe' love to her. A love that won't be used as just another tool of the trade to manipulate and gain advantage. No wonder her sterilization has hit her so profoundly. In her mind, it eliminated the last possible link to love.
Great article. I agree with the author, in that I found viewing the movie a second time tremendously helpful. It's a film that is so packed with story and character arcs that it really does take multiple viewings to digest. Also, the second viewing allows you to move past the hype and just assess it as a movie.
This is a great article- spot on. Can't wait for my second viewing this weekend.

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