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May 13 2015

Titan Books to release Firefly language guide and phrasebook. This will be out in March 2016. Head over to our Tumblr to check out the cover art and information about the book and author.

Huh. A year from now? That's quite far ahead. I think I'd be more interested if I knew exactly how much of this was weighted more toward in-universe history, cast stuff, and stuff with the language consultant than dictionary-ness. I'm more interested in Verse and production history.
I'd love it if this were heavy on actual linguistic analysis and stuff. But it'd come out too late for me to use in any papers now anyway.
Where is Shepherd Book? Boo!
Felicitations Mr. Captain Malcolm,
I am greatly entertained to be purchasing one of your eminently black market beagles.
Thank you with muchly beneath the table payments which you desire.
Sounds interesting. It also sounds like it has taken quite a few ques from How to Speak Chinese on the Signal.
What does RPG mean? Also, I don't know, but doesn't this seem a little late?
Yup. If that's the actual cover, then someone made one hell of a mistake.
I've passed that and other comments back to the publisher.
Also, isn't Gorram more widely used? Gorramn just looks...odd... on the cover.
Jocelyn, RPG means roleplaying game. Monica Valentinelli writes for Margaret Weis' Firefly roleplaying game books. I'm not entirely sure it's "late" per se, considering Margaret Weis released some RPG books recently. Perhaps it's been difficult, it only ocurred to them now and their license is still good. Who knows.

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