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May 13 2015

Ratings for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season finale. The show earned 4.22 million viewers in its first hour and 3.685 million viewers in its second hour, with an overall 1.3 key demo rating.

Closing on a series low is a bummer.
That many people turned the channel after the first hour? What's wrong with folks?! I know other numbers will factor in when all's said and done but that right there seems just bizarre to me.
Pardon me while I go outside and punch some random people in the face.
I love this show and it's sad to see the ratings not reflect how awesome the show is, but I'm hopeful that the people on the fence or who quit after season 1 will catch up on this season, see their mistake, and pick up with season 3.
ABC is very happy with the show. They know something these numbers don't represent. There is no reason to care about overnight Nielsen ratings.
ABC just renewed them for a third season. People don't know what they are missing ;)
Spoke to a random stranger today (in my post office) who said he's only seen part one because his DVR didn't catch the second part I suspect he's not the only person who wasn't expecting 2 hours so it is probably not so much a case of people switching the channel as much as people not being prepared for or not being able to watch 2 hours last night, I have no doubt the DVR numbers will make up for it. Online views for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are also very high from what I understand and while it might not count AS MUCH as live TV viewing it is still a vital part of a show's success these days. I remind everyone to watch/re-watch online via legal sources as much as you can.

Legal links are all listed on the watch page at

ETA: Also, #AgentsofSHIELD was trending across the nation and worldwide for HOURS last night, so lots of buzz is sure to help those with delayed viewing habits.

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Beth on 2015-05-13 22:37 ]
Also, I know some area's had the show interrupted with Breaking News about the Amtrack crash. People might have given up on the finale once they missed some of it, and will Hulu later this week.

I also agree with Beth--it wasn't super-publicized that it was a 2-hour finale (and I initially thought it was going to be 8-10, not 9-11...).
It was interrupted here, but fortunately not too long.
I think 2-hour season finales are generally a bad idea for just these reasons. It's hard enough these days to get people to sit down to watch an hour-long show live, much less budgeting 2 hours on a work night and school night. (And college students are taking exams now, too.)

Also, was it just me or was there an insane number of commercials last night? And often timed to break the dramatic tension at the worst possible point. If I wasn't dedicated to the show, I might have tuned out around the 12th consecutive commercial...
I would interested to see what it did in the demo each hour rather than just an average.
No adjustment for it in the final ratings.
It doesn't matter at this point. Due to syndication and the show being owned by ABC, it'd take an act of God for Agents of SHIELD to be cancelled before a fourth season.
I do think it's fair to think "Avengers: Age of Ultron" is part of the reason for the drop. Maybe people have been watching expecting it to lead into/tie into the film and now that the premiere has passed, and it turned out AoS was only marginally involved, those that watched the show to connect the MCU dots have tuned out. Also it seems the U.S. audience haven't been as enthusiastic about the film (I am among the disappointed, think it's a muddled screenplay from an otherwise excellent writer). So there could be a bit of Marvel fatigue these days.
Well on it's way to be the 4th best domestic box office of all time (right behind the first one) but "fatigue" yeah. ;)
That was sort of a given though, that it would be financially succesful. I am stating that word of mouth is increasingly negative, that it's tracking behind the first Avengers film and that it might be impacting AoS.
I "believe" there was also some NBA basketball going on - Bulls vs Cavs in what's been one of the higher rated playoff matches in a while (Go Bulls! )Might pull away some of that coveted male viewing demo

And yeah - bring up Marvel fatigue just as soon these things stop cranking out box office / Netflix records. It'll come eventually, but clearly not yet .... especially as CinemaScores indicate audiences are enjoying them. Jaded film critics may be weary but it seems paying public is not
I don't think Avengers: Age of Ultron will surpass The Dark Knight in U.S. and Canada box office. Somewhere between $460-$470 million seems reasonable. Worldwide the numbers are going to be a lot closer to the original, mainly because of China; although reports of awful chinese subtitles might hurt numbers over there.
Well on it's way to be the 4th best domestic box office of all time (right behind the first one) but "fatigue" yeah. ;)

It's going to finish 6th at best, and potentially 7th. There's no way it's topping The Phantom Menace's $474m, and it could very well end up lower than Star Wars' $460m. Hell, if Mad Max: Fury Road and Jurassic World hurt it hard enough, Age of Ultron will finish 8th behind The Dark Knight Rises

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