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May 14 2015

Part One of an in-depth look at Avengers: Age of Ultron. The first part of an in depth look at Age of Ultron from the ever thoughtful Drew Mcweeny. Spoilers for those who haven't seen it yet.

Great analysis, can't wait to read more!
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Maybe should have a spoiler tag until movie was released in the last territory?

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That would be me - though I am not a goat header and I live in Toronto. Off to see it this afternoon. I walk with a cane so I don't feel safe in excited crowds that are not paying attention.
What do you have against goat herders? Or goats, for that matter?
In defense of the 3 goat herders, the movie won't open in Japan until July. So if you live in Japan ( or anywhere else where it hasn't opened yet), and haven't been to another country where the movie has opened, unless you got one of the alternative copies available online, you probably haven't seen it yet.
Goats - noisy, smelly buggers. Taste awful. Goat herders - smell of goat. ;o)

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Right - that's enough from you two for the time being.

If we can get back to the article, then that would be lovely.
I absolutely agree with this article. I enjoyed it a lot more second time around. And it's got better with every showing I've been to ever since..
I've read many comments about the film being better on second viewings. I had the same experience. I predict this film will be better regarded with the passage of time. I'm not even remotely sugesting that it's perfect, but I agree with the author of the piece that the success of Marvel makes people want to see them fail. Like Joss's feminism, people keep watching him closely to see if he drops the ball. It's unfair.
I agree as well. The second time was much more enjoyable, not least because I wasn't looking for scenes to refute all the criticism I was hearing even before the movie opened!
Yep, I also enjoyed the film a lot more on my second viewing (and that was despite being seated next to some really obnoxious people). Will hopefully get to go for a third time, though Mad Max and Ex Machina might take up my movie budget for the next few weeks.
Well, I saw it a second time tonight and I caught so much more than I did on the first viewing. And it made me think much more. I think will analyze this movie and write some thoughts for myself.

Also, I think this movie is a lot like The Two Towers in the LOTR trilogy, it serves as a bridge to the next story, or rather stories, that will lead to the grand finale of the Infinity War. This is why I think a lot of people were dissatisfied. They wanted to see a closed and shut story. This ain't that.

I absolutely loved the film, but I can see that a lot of people are dissatisfied. But the amount of criticism the movie has garnered is probably proof that it has a legacy and will be remembered.

Avengers was an aesthetically more pleasing film I think, but this film was more ethically and psychologically interesting.
That was my ramble for today.
I want a mesh of commentary tracks. Joss and everyone in the film in all possible combinations, cross joins and permutations. Oh and Joss, if you could make one of the commentaries in the form of a Wagnerian opera that would help too. (I just don't want the Asgardian contingent to feel slighted.) Thanks!
I laughed harder at the funny points in the movie the first time around, because most of them were unexpected. The second time, I was able to appreciate the artistry of the film a lot more than the first time. I've seen it 4 times, and am still compelled to see it at least one more time, because the movie really was enjoyable. I loved the first movie, but I love this one more.
Just did my part to help Ultron's numbers. This movie really does benefit from repeat viewings. The first time around was a joyride and I loved the surprises and hearing the jokes for the first time. This time I caught a lot of subtle things I'd missed the first time around. What a great, dense, enjoyable film. I can't wait to see how the story continues to unfold- part of me wishes Joss could keep doing these forever, but I look forward to his new projects.
Just saw it last night for the first time (YAY!!) and hope to see it again. (And now I can start reading all the reviews and analyses - also Yay!) Does anyone know if Pt. 2 of the article was posted? I went to HitFix and didn't see it.

I also read the article by Donna someone, also on HitFix, about "stop crucifying Joss on the altar of perfect feminism," (can't remember the exact title), and totally agree. I don't get People and their need to criticize every little tiny nuance of every tiny little thing that Joss (or anyone else who is successful) does that can possibly be criticized. Why not just kick back and enjoy the gestalt?
There is another great article on the HitFix site that talks about Natasha's sterilization and the Red Room. If anyone had a problem with her comments about mother and monsters, you should read that article, the analysis is excellent.

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