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May 14 2015

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 10 solicitations for August. The solicitations ad covers for Angel & Faith #17,Buffy #18 and the third volume of the Angel & Faith Season 10 TPB.

Wow, that Buffy cover is beautiful.
It really is. Btw did anyone get the Buffy Season 8 & 9 Panel to Panel book? I had a quick flick through it in my local comic book shop but it didn't look nearly as good as the one Dark Horse did for the old Buffy series. Hardly any explanatory text or insights.
I have the the new Panel to Panel, definitely less text than the one covering pre-season 8 series.

Which by the way was also until a few weeks ago, the only place you could find all the covers for the Season 9 Libraty Editions. Until a few weeks ago, cause now Amazon has both Volume 3 for Buffy and A&F Library Editions for S9 already listed and available for pre-order including said cover.
Does anyone else feel like the Buffy comic is just going off the rails?

I mean Giles is playing video games, Buffy and Spike are re-treading season 6/7 relationship status (but in a much more vanilla, boring way), everytime there's a fight Giles and Willow are there with glowing balls in their hands (which has become lazy shorthand for they're doing magic) and for a comic with Buffy's name on it, she sure doesn't feel like the star these days (remember when she alone used to stand against the vampires the demons and the forces of darkness...)

Angel and Faith meanwhile has, I think, found a suitable tone and reads pretty well.
Their relationship is hardly going to retread S6, they are both in very different places. There is still a spoken aloud emotional imbalance, but they aren't vaguely in the same place as then. As for S7, well sure, this continues on from that really because that is the last time they were around each other this much, but it isn't overlapping imo. These people have a lot of history, some of the same insecurities are going to come up and be dealt with but it is all working progressively. Buffy is openly considering her feelings for him and openly giving a relationship a chance rather than pushing it into the dark, staying in the basement with him. They are living lives integrated on a different level than they ever have before. Spike is in a very different emotional situation than he was in S7 which has followed his time in AtS, his time doing his own thing, S9 and his mini well. Buffy is thinking about the normality thing in the context of her real life rather than imagined ideals she doesn't feel she will get, especially after very actively choosing the slaying life over a working life last season. So no I don't think it is a re-tread. I do agree that magic has become somewhat of a gimmick and too easy though. We are at the mid-season point. I expect the pace to pick up somewhat now.
Does anyone else feel like the Buffy comic is just going off the rails?

Nope. The story needs to change the status quo from time to time, sometimes drastically. Otherwise it would be boring as hell after 10 seasons.
I feel like the comic has finally gotten ON the rails.
The art is lovely.

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