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May 14 2015

Fox's Lucifer, costarring a familiar former Principal. Check out the trailer for Fox's upcoming DC Comics-based Vertigo adapted series Lucifer, costarring D.B. Woodside.

Wondered where he's been...glad to see he's back.
He's been around, MrArg. Check his IMDb page if interested to know what he's been involved with in recent years.
He was in Paul Blart 2.
Drat, I was hoping for Armin when I read the first part of the title.
@paperspock Ha! I was thinking the same thing.
I wish I could say I was going to watch this show, but being familiar with the comic series it's based on... I'm not.

The world doesn't need another imaginative story beaten down and tortured and turned into a police procedural. We've got way, way more than enough of those. But I wish D.B. well.
He looks great in black wings! Cool visual.
"FOX's Lucifer"...? So, this is a show about the guy who cancelled Firefly?
When I read "principal", my first thought was Snyder. Can you imagine?
D.B spent the last year on "Suits" as Gina Torres' love interest. They had amazing on-screen chemistry together. Sadly they split up just in time for the season finale.
Since this is the version of Lucifer that was introduced by Neil Gaiman in Sandman, unfortunate that Lucifer's being adapted to screen before that (and on Fox, no less, when from what I can remember of the comics, this really should be on HBO or at the very least AMC). That reminds me, I never finished reading the comics. They were great, though.
A direct adaptation would probably be too pricy for a TV series, with all the unnatural stuff happening in the comics. But, a basic yet-another-police-procedural? No thanks.
This looks like it could be some good, trashy fun.
The lead actor is fun (though wasn't he blond in the comics? Small detail, but also not hard to get right). The plot, however, looks kind of meh. Lucifer wanting to help a cop solve a murder doesn't rally make since to me.

Granted, I haven't read the Lucifer comics, so I only know the character from Sandman. Is this based on the comics plot, or did they just take the idea and make up their own story?

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