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May 15 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron crosses the $1 billion mark. It's now the 21st movie to do so.

*Does the dance of joy*
I kind of love that picture of Cap charging forward that they've used for the article. It's very him. But yeah anyway on the box office result:-Yay!
I can't believe there are 21 billion-dollar movies. I can remember when it was a big deal that E.T. crossed the $300 million mark.
ET's gross is still a big deal. It adjusts to over a billion domestic.
To people with industry knowledge, is there a reliable way to estimate what the total number will ultimately turn out to be, given how it has done thus far? If so, how do we think it will do in relation to the first movie? Compared to all other movies?

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I'm personally curious to see the list of the 21 billion dollar or higher-grossing films...see how many directors have repeated such an achievement like Our Purple One now has :D
And if you adjust for inflation, there's only eight (Box Office Mojo). And those films were made decades ago, I think. I guess it just shows that the movie and movie theatre landscape has changed dramatically over the years. And also the economical landscape.

I think it can't outgross the Avengers, but on the other hand it could have a slow burn in theatres and get close. But of course, it isn't the money that matters with Joss' works. It's the heart and humanity he brings to the screen. A lot of people respond to that. Like, a lot.
Furious 7 is going to pass The Avengers soon to take over the #3 spot. For some reason I find that annoying.

James Cameron, Peter Jackson, Christopher Nolan, and (ugh) Michael Bay are the other directors with 2 billion-dollar movies to their credit, in non-adjusted dollars.
I actually quite enjoyed Furious 7. Not as dumb a flick as it seems, imo. The franchise turned out well in its most recent installments, surprisingly.
I've never seen any of the F&F movies, so I don't know. All I know is it's an interloper coming to steal glory from Joss. ;-(
The masses like what they like. The Fast and Furious offers something the masses like. I never understood the appeal of a car chase or action involving cars driving at all, but that's just me. There are cars in MCU too, they just are more props than key parts of the plot. The masses also like superheroes, visual spectacles, high fantasy dramas, transforming robots, pirates, toy stories, spy movies, and teenage wizards and witches. And you know, that's okay with me.

A good yarn is a good yarn.

But a Joss Whedon yarn is better.

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I wouldn't bet on Furious 7. I did so well mostly because of China, and that run is almost over.
Yeah, I don't know if F7 has legs enough to beat the Avengers. Still, too early to call.
Squishy, Ultron is looking to finish somewhere between 425M- 475M domestic. It's not looking too good though if Mad Max, Tomorrowland or Jurassic World breaks out.
And if you want to know how the film is doing compared to The Avengers just go to this page.

Comparatively Avengers has a 70 million lead and had already grossed 400M domestic.
I really hope FF7 doesn't outdo Avengers. I know I'm one of the very few that sees it this way, but I find it profoundly disturbing that they're continuing with that series after Paul Walker's untimely demise. I mean by all means finish his last film, dedicate it to him, but then retire the series as a matter of respect. That's what I would have done. As to continue a series about speeding in cars when that's exactly how one of your two leading men died, the fact that even that isn't enough to stop them pursuing more money there, just really disturbs me on a level that I can't properly put into words.

But sigh! I'm going off on a tangent. Plus James Cameron is the only writer-director that I rate above Joss. So I kind of like the top three just the way they are. Even if the two Cameron films aren't exactly his best in terms of writing, they're still big achievements in filmaking and thus deserve their spot. But a fluff film about car stunts?..not so much..

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Maybe it's because I spend too much time in the media studies department deconstructing genre and its merits that I can see Fast and Furious as much more than fluff. (I can see something in nearly anything at this point. Blah blah something about genre as a serving a social function blah probably a relevant quote from Sontag.) But I do also appreciate Furious 7 on the representation fronts. But, meh, debating the film is a little out of the range of this site.

But I do agree with the comment somewhere above. Furious 7 is on the last legs of its theatrical release. I wouldn't count on it outpacing Ultron.

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As long as Ultron's success helps Joss do what he wants in the future, I'm good. Mad Max deserves some eyes too. I'm very happy two feminist action movies are playing right now.
I would prefer a tickets sold ranking as a better way to measure the releases. In this way, the inflation, different country prices and 3D costs would'nt make a distorcion.
Mad Max Fury Road does not look like it will earn a ton of money now. I'm sure it's a good movie that will have a fervent cult following, but the trailer and r-rating is probably not attractive to most moviegoers. And The War Boys, I think those are the super creepy villains remind me a lot of Reavers from 'Verse. Which kinda makes me think Joss Whedon was inspired by Mad Max to some degree when creating that world. I don't know if he's said anything of the kind, but it seems probable. By the way, Serenity was an awesome little film that made very little money compared to the Avengers, but without it, there would have been no Avengers film by Joss, I'm pretty sure.

Weird how things work out.
Congrats, Joss! Looking forward to your next project!!
Just saw Mad Max. T'was great!
Guess I'll have to go see Mad Max too. The original trilogy is a revered part of my youth and I was terrified this big-budget version would be a Michael Bay style CGI wankfest.
Andrew: The movie is almost entirely practical effects. CGI is pretty much only used for a character's amputated limb and to erase wirework lines. ETA: & presumably a major... weather event.

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I can't wait to check out Mad Max. I haven't actually seen the originals, but this movie looks irresistible. Of course, I'll also be going to Ultron as many more times as is convenient.
The theater won't let me reserve seats for Mad Max as far in advance as I need to (a week from Tuesday), but I'll probably choose a day I need air conditioning to see Age of Ultron once more.

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