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"I wanted to do a show about people who are not 'super,' just working-class people, the people history steps on. (Joss on Firefly)"
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May 17 2015

Episodes of Buffy that shouldn't be funny (but are). Wicked Horror picks episodes that "truly shine as examples of the kind of genre-bending Buffy was capable of at its best".

Earshot is a very tricky one and it's brave as hell to make jokes about things when you've got that subject area in the episode. But I think it just about works. What I take away from it basically says you may have to be a mind-reader to spot what Jonathan is about to do. Despite all his pain no-one notices. And Buffy wouldn't either. So in a parallel universe (where Buffy is a slightly more competent demon-slayer) Jonathan dies, right? Unsettling thought, but Buffy's mistake in her first encounter with the demon led to her saving a life.
Finally some appreciation for the much-maligned Beer Bad. This list is more interesting than the usual click-bait lists. The author clearly loves the show.
You know, I've long been proud of never seeing "Beer Bad," but with this angle, it sounds hilarious.

And I firmly agree with Earshot. An amazing episode, absolutely one of the show's best.
I liked "Beer Bad." I never really felt like it stood out as being different or weaker than a typical episode.
So that explains the whole concept behind "Beer Bad". I always thought it was pretty funny. Plus Parker finally got his comeuppance in it.
Yeah, never heard that "Beer Bad" backstory before.
I've heard a different version of the "Beer Bad" backstory, where it wasn't a demand nor a deliberate sabotage of the idea. But this way is funnier... And I agree it's a fun episode. Not a highlight but not a low point either.

On the other hand, "Him" is terrible, although the part with Buffy getting tackled in the background is always hilarious.
Joss Whedon always promised there would never be a “Very Special Episode” of Buffy. There would never be an episode that felt like an After School Special, designed to explain the dangers of a specific thing, a “Don’t do Drugs” episode, or something along those lines.

Then he's got some explaining to do about the whole MagiCrack storyline ;)
I know it is Angel and not Buffy, but I always had a fondness for "Lineage". The writers took horrific moments of Spike and Angel's past (his mother becoming a vampire, and Angelus slaughtering his father), and made them into a hilarious bonding experience with Wesley.

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Rachelkachel totally agree re:"Him". I could watch that last scene a hundred times. The rest of the episode, not at all.
I'm really not so sure about the "Beer Bad" backstory provided . Why would Fox care that much about Buffy's status as a 'role model'. They were the production, sales, and home media company for BtVS, but they were not the broadcast network airing the show. My understanding is that's where most of the Standards and Practices insanity and nonsense usually originates and is centered.

When old Aunt Nellie is shocked that one of the characters said "darn", she and her knitting club called and wrote the network and the local affiliate airing the show to complain. I didn't think they followed it up the food chain to the studios that often.

Does anyone know the actual facts?
I've never heard the back story regarding "Beer Bad" as well. Don't suppose there is any way to substatiate the story given its been 15 years since the episode was filmed....

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