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May 17 2015

'Avengers: Age of Ultron' opens huge in China. It took $156.3 million in its first six days. At the US box office this weekend, the movie dropped to third place taking $38.3 million. So far the movie has made $1.143 billion worldwide, making it the 8th highest-grossing film of all time.

You know what? We made a lot of stinking rich people stinking richer. Joss is in a place where he can pick and choose what he wants to do, and not worry too much about feeding the kids. Thousands of people had paying jobs working on something that people enjoy, which is far more honorable than, say, making things that kill people. Having two of the top 10 movies looks nice on a resume, just in case. 😀
125 million away from outgrossing the first film's $895M overseas take.
Beating the overseas take from the first film will be a pretty floral bonnet in AoU's hat.

Something of what was great about AoU, except from most of the characters/actors and a few of the sets, it really didn't feel like American-branded heroism. It felt more international. Hopefully, it gets a stronger run internationally because of this.

And I have really grown to love the fictional country of Sokovia. I'm so tired of climactic battles in New York-ish cities.
@alber, I was somewhat surprised by Von Strucker's comment early in the movie: "The Americans have sent their circus freaks to attack us." Are the Avengers and/or SHIELD now seen strictly as agents of American Imperialism, as opposed to World Government Imperialism? That seemed to be the underlying subtext in the movie. Wanda and Pietro certainly see Stark that way at the beginning.

i didn't notice until someone else pointed it out to me, the writing on the wall in Sokovia. The pictures of Iron Man (painted after the Battle of New York?) had their faces painted over with dollar signs ($$$). Very effective.

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