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May 17 2015

(SPOILER) Why Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s second season ended the way it did for Coulson. There's a theme here.

This whole Star Wars homage throughout Phase 2 seems a little odd.
Eh, the second Star Wars movie was "Empire Strikes Back" where Luke loses his hand, so it makes sense.
Well... that's an oddly arbitrary homage methodology - imo.
Oh, I thought season 3 might reveal Coulson was actually Misty Knight.
I thought it was cool that they carried through the Phase II hand-dismemberment in AOS. Everything is disconnected.
That's actually really cool. Is Coulson going to get a mechanical hand now?
Please get a bionic hand Please get a bionic hand Please get a bionic hand Please get a bionic hand .....
That read a lot a like fanwank, I see how it fits, but it's not first time people over-reading things.
Actually, Kevin Feige has said that it's a deliberate homage.
It's a specific homage to Empire in particular, although characters loose limbs in every Star Wars except I Think Episode I, and honestly, I'm not rematching it to find out.

Not sure why Xena loosing a hand in the premier couldn't have counted though.
I think Coulson could go for the mechanical hand . . . , or a chainsaw.
It's groovy.
IIRC, Feige said it started accidentally, then they decided to throw it in and have it happen in every Phase II movie. It did happen in SHIELD too. Can't remember if it holds for Daredevil and Carter as well.
Ooh! Now I have to watch those series again, just to see if someone lost an arm.
It happens on DD (very beginning of episode 7), but I don't recall it on AC.

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